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Shoe cream brands

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I've searched all over the internet but could find no satisfactory answer to my question. I'm interested in shoe creams (NOT polishes/waxes). Qualitatively speaking, is there a significant difference among brands? I use Meltonian because of availability and range of colors, and the results have always been very fine. However, I've seen assertions that brands such as Saphir and Angelus (to name just two) are higher in quality and better for the leather. Does anyone KNOW this to be true? Are there harmful additives to Meltonian creams? Thanks, all.
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Saphire is briljant. And some other creams are bad for your shoes. If you can get Saphire, whyare creams an issue?
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Use at least a cream with a beeswax basis.
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Allen Edmonds POLISHES/CREAMS: Carnauba Wax Shoe Polish Quality Brazilian wax imparts a rich glow to fine leather. Available in black, brown, burgundy and neutral. Allen Edmonds POLISHES/CREAMS: Cordovan Care Cream Specifically formulated to maintain the rich color of cordovan leathers. Allen Edmonds POLISHES/CREAMS: Premium Shoe Polish Regularly polishing helps your shoes resist dirt, rain and snow while providing a lustrous glow. Includes a sponge tip for easy application with no mess.
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You might want to touch base with Perry Ercolino, a fine custom shoe maker well versed on this topic. He's busy making shoes and so he doesn't have the time to answer a flood of such inquiries, but I don't think he'd mind a couple calls. Maybe Perry will see this thread and weigh in on his own. His tel. number is 215.348.5885. Ron Rider, the shoe maven over at Franco's, can offer sound guidance, too. Grayson
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