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I am glad to see that I am not the only person on this board that was a skater with all the associated clothing. I still have a pair of my Alien Workshop jeans somewhere in a box (thought they don't fit). I also had a pair of Blind's that were made of brown canvas. I loved those pants. I used to come home from school every day and put them on (I also went to a high school where jeans were not allowed, so I sort of stopped wearing them during those four years). Then one day my dad cut off the legs and threw them in the trash. It was sad to see them in there. He told me they were causing me to have low self-esteem (he was sporting madras shorts earlier this week). I used to love my skater gear. I also drooled over the CCS catalog. I think the gear was almost my main motivation for becoming a skater. I also had one of the first models of Etnies that were introduced. I am getting too sentimental here. I also was a victim of Z Cavarichi back in about 1990. thelakes, were those glasses spelled "ferarri"?
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Paisely shirts with overalls that had one side unhooked.
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Man... I used to rock skate gear from like age 10 to 18. I still have Cheap Skates catalogs dating back to '92. I couldn't even begin to tell you the amount of Airwalk, Vans (always the Half Cabs), Etnies, and DC's I had. I also remember buying skate tees in size L when I was like 13 (these days I would take a S). My first pair of skate shoes were the Airwalk Velocity, with the big rubber ollie guard. I used to remember the CCS and California Skate Express catalogs from front to back. Who else remembers being SOOO pissed off when Airwalk shoes when mainstream? I still skate from time to time; only at a park though. I was/still am pretty good. I would always place in the top 3 at all the amature contests in new york. I surf alot now, wiping out is much better in the water than it is on concrete.
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Moschino tee-shirts seemed to be in at one point in time.
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T-Shirt from Stussy, Redsand, Alien Workshop, No Fear, Mossimo, etc. Jeans by JNCO (or Lee Pipes for knockoffs) or baggy wide-wale cords. Airwalk or Vans.
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Wore parachute pants for a while, until I spilled on my bike and the poly nylon got shredded/fused into my leg. I also remember a phase where I would wear anything with a huge GUESS logo on it. K
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Nobody was goth? I was in this industrial band and wore clothes that I cut up and pinned back together, those huuuuuge jeans that Jnco used to make, and lots of tees from Sepultura, Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Guttermouth, Nofx, yadda yadda yadda. Oh, and my hair cut consisted of a ring around my head (think religious monk) sticking out in spikes all over the place. It was sweet. If I can find a picture I'll post it. My favorite t-shirt was from the RUN DMC/Beastie Boys tour, with both bands on it and "Tougher than Leather" on the back. Man I wish I still had that tee...
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i wasn't goth, i was kindof new wave...well, as new wave as a kid could be in semi-rural north carolina. if i had been in a city i might have caught on to the goth thing. i had the 'flock of seagulls' hair for a while. i did some wierd hair stuff, but never went full-on punk. --- other cool brands: Code Bleu Le Coq Sportif WilliWear
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i had the 'flock of seagulls' hair for a while. i did some wierd hair stuff, but never went full-on punk.
Me too. And any of you Asian dudes out there know how hard this would be to achieve. I think that I singlehandedly supported Alberto's "Megahold" gel division for several months. In grades 7 & 8, everyone was into Op and Vuarnet, and then it was all about Polo for a while, although Benneton was also reasonably accepted. The favorite were cargo pants from "Kettle creek", a Canadian company. Cardigans over primary color polos and flannel pants were also very cool. Tapered and cuffed, of course. Levis 501s rolled extremely tightly at the ankles. And footwear were either Chucks or decl shoes. Yes, we were harbingers of the punk preppy look. Either that, or quite confused.
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oh yes, pegged pants legs, i did that. my dad told me they used to do it when he was a youngster, he showed me how. i also tried a ducktail 'do, that was fun for a while.
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LAGuy just described my HS wardrobe but add Sperry Topsiders, a Reyn Spooner shirt and dime store flipflops. More forgotten labels: Maurice & Francois Girbaud Maui & Sons Gotcha
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Crockett, they probably were. They were from a street vendor on a weekend trip to Strasbourg. Ah the life of a military brat.
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Speaking of hair... When I was six, my parents actually let me grow a 'rat tail'....*shudder*...glad that only lasted for a month or two...
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Man, I used to be so into Mossimo. Every time I got $18, I ran to Gadzooks to buy another one of the t-shirts. Speaking of rat tails, I know this guy that went to my high school that kept the same rat tail from kindergarten up until his senior year (and perhaps beyond). And he didn't graduate in 1991 or anything, it was in like 2000. He just couldn't let go.
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Dusty, I'd swear you're talking about one of my best friends. *exactly* the same situation - rat tail since kindergarten. I chopped it off when we graduated ('02).
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