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The musings on the sunglasses thread about Jordache and No Fear got me thinking... What clothes/brands were SF members jonesin for before they saw the light and started wearing MTM sport coats, american apparel t's, unwashed denim, and mccallum chukkas (I hope no one's wearing that together). A few to start it up: Hypercolor Redsand Fresh Jive Stussy shirts/hats Chain wallets Baja jackets Alright, what were you wearing at 13?
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Ocean Pacific (OP) corduroy shorts -- I had a pair in beige and a pair in neon yellow.   Anything by Bugle Boy.  What happened to that brand, anyways?
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OP and Hang Ten were really popular when i was a kid brands i am surprised are "back" after having been "in, then out": Le Tigre Fila Lacoste (seemed to have faded away after being "Izod Lacoste" thruout the 90s) brands i've worn since the 80s but are now "in" (to my dismay, cant wait for this stuff to be "out"): Fred Perry Ben Sherman Merc Doc Martens (arent these becoming "out" nowadays?)
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Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcells (I wore Chucks exclusively from the time I was 6 until I was 15). For some time, those "PLASTIK" shirts were pretty trendy that had the manga-style drawings on them. No Fear, of course. Had some skate clothing too, from BLIND and World Industries. When I turned like 14, I started wearing black Dickies pants (28x30 - I haven't changed much ) and a black band t-shirt from <insert punk rock band> every . single . day. I still have my Clash shirt, ramones, Dead Kennedys, Gang of Four and a couple At the Drive-In from back in the day.
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I still think stussy is cool
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For those who remember the mid-80's, Jams shorts were "it" during the summer. These were knee length shorts in really loud and obnoxious Hawaiian shirt patterns (I think I owned three pairs). Jeff
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I had Jams. Waaay back in the day I had a maroon Members Only jacket that i sported with a pair of "ferrari" sunglasses. I was 10 i think. The uniform in H.S was clothes form this store called Britches that was in Northern VA/ D.C. area paired with timberlands. Maybe a Cure or Depeche mode Tshirt when you were feeling trendy. I wasnt quit as hip as the people who shopped at Chess King.
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Stussy and Mossimo were the main ones I remember There was the prep-gangsta look with the jeans, woven leather belt (extra long and tucked into a pocket), Sperrys or Timberlands, a white T-shirt and a chambray shirt or similar open over top. And then Unionbay cords, Simple or Etnies shoes, an Alien Workshop shirt, chain wallet, and bad attitude.
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Somebody posted Etnies on the favorite sneakers thread, I'll throw in some skate shoes I was a fan of: Simple Airwalk (I saw some new Airwalks recently - wow) Vans (Half Cabs, Salman Agahs, chukkas) Basically the entire California Cheap Skates catalog, whatever was hot in TWS, and maybe a Pavement tshirt. Brian, nice on the DK shirt. And
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A black Member's Only jacket and Z-Cavarachi jeans.  I believe that I also had one or two pairs of parachute pants.  Oh yea, and the Britches shirts with the warthog on them.
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Airwalk (I saw some new Airwalks recently - wow) ... Basically the entire California Cheap Skates catalog, ...
Man, I had the best Airwalks.. I still wish I could get another pair of those. Black suede hightops with big velcro ollie guards over the laces. I used to drool over the Cheap Skates catalog with my friends every day at recess.
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Acid wash, zip fly, Guess jeans Ocean Pacific T-shirts (mantle assumed by QuickSilver) Doc Marteens Perry Ellis anything denim Vuarnet sunglasses Sweatshirts Jostens class rings The Motorola StarTac (wow)
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parachute pants. dunno who the original brand was. bugle boy? umbro shorts were popular, for some reason. and the jacket that michael jackson wore in 'beat it'.
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and the jacket that michael jackson wore in 'beat it'.
I had that - I got it at the Merry Go Round.
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I can't believe I forgot my grey Member's Only jacket. Did anyone see Shallow Hal? Gwyneth Paltrow sees Jason Alexander wearing a Member's Only jacket and says something like, "Wow, a Member's Only what are you, like the last member?" My sister had the Michael Jackson jacket with all of the zippers. Jeff
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