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Any questions for CEO of Oxxford Clothing?

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I'll be at the Oxxford trunk show in Scottsdale this weekend, where Mr. Cohen will be presenting new lineup, etc. Any questions about Oxxford Clothing, I'd be glad to take a list with me. Got one so far about Jack Simpson (still with Oxxford; if so, in what capacity)
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Are they going to diversify their styling further? - more models with waist suppression, and so on?
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As long as you're asking: Oxxford needs to better coordinate the proportions of the jackets and trousers they mix and match for their MTM program.  For example, a few of the MTM suits I purchased at their NY store have narrow lapels, perhaps paying homage to Savile Row, but then the trousers they paired with the jackets are wide, wide, wide, throwing off the balance of the suit.  They need to taper the trousers accordingly.  Also, they should offer a split-back option which would go nicely with their signature high-back trousers. My Oxxford trousers have this high back, however they look kind of weird without the split (Maybe they do offer it and just didn't suggest it to me). Other than that, maybe Oxxford needs just a few more stitches under their lapels--Just kidding. Grayson
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A comment to convey perhaps -- "don't change a thing". Here are two: (1) Who makes Oxxford shirts for Oxxford? Does Oxxford have its own shop? Does Kiton make them? (2) What's the story with the new line, Oxxford Crest? Is it being discontinued, retained, expanded, etc.? They seem to have less hand work than the regular line (yet they still sell at or about the same price).
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a guy who buys from me who basically only buys MTM kiton and custom borrelli shirts said he had a conversation w/ an oxxford guy, can't remember the name, but he said they made him a jacket that looked very italian, none of the Americanized box fit and that it was one of the best looking pieces he owned. ask them if they're working on something that is more neapolitan.
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(1) Why the single piece waistband? (2) Why the double belt loops on the right side? (3) Why not make double vents more ubiquitous? (4) Why hasn't the collar shape been more modernized? (5) Why is the lapel buttonhole so damn long?
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Please convey our thanks for not harming those nice African water buffalo in making the horn buttons. Also, what is John Lithgow really like? Grayson
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When Oxxford's exclusive contract with Louis Boston for bespoke clothes expires, they ought to consider bespoke trunk shows in select cities. Grayson
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When they're going to open other Oxxford retail stores, such as one in Washington, DC. Why they no longer carry EG shoes and if they are planning a replacement make of shoe to carry.
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Why they no longer carry EG shoes and if they are planning a replacement make of shoe to carry
I can chime in that Oxxford became dissatisfied with EG over the long delays in receiving shoes from them and the difficulty in stocking the wide variety of styles, sizes and lasts---From personal experience, Oxxford's sales staff wasn't fully knowledgeable about EG lasts or other nuances of the product line, so they probably viewed the shoes as more of a hassle and customers became frustrated. As prestigious as the EG brand is among the cognoscenti, the vast majority of even Oxxford's customers are not really clued-in to EG. Grayson
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I spoke with the CEO Mike Cohen at their trunk show at Carroll & Co (Beverly Hills) last week. A rep from Holland & Sherry was onhand as well waxing poetic over the H&S fabrics (wonderful indeed). Since I am of slim stature, I inquired about the best model for my body type. Mr. Cohen (who is a very young looking fellow actually) recommended a new model called the "Radcliffe" which will be officially available July 2005 (though you can apparently order it MTM now). The Radcliffe has narrow shoulders, higher gorge and thinner lapels. He didn't have one in my size but he tried on a 42 which looked quite good on him. I don't recall anything specific about the armhole though.
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Although I don't buy much any longer from Oxxford (Closet space maxxing out), based on past experiences it would serve them well to provide access to a wider range of quality English cloth---They need to stock a better collection of "name" swatch books, especially in heavier weights, for those men of the cloth. Grayson
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I'd pay probably $20 to see pictures of your closet grayson. The offer is yours.
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I'd pay probably $20 to see pictures of your closet grayson. The offer is yours.
I'm sure he could charge $20 a picture and make a killing. After seeing his shoe list from a long time ago, I can only imagine the suits, ties, and shirtings he must have amassed...
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It sounds crass, but I would probably pitch in as well to see Marc's collection. I imagine that it is one of America's natural wonders....kind of like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite.
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