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Goddamnit. I just bought the fluent traveler for full price too. Oh well.
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Ah sorry. Did you use it? Can you return and rebuy?
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

Passing along a deal here. Please don't post this to Facebook, etc, but feel free to use and share.
It's summer Friends and Family time.
Friends and family of Horny Toad and Nau clothing employees get 50% off full retail price until 6/30!
Here's what to do:
*Shop at or
*At check-out, enter this promo code: klarramendy
*The 50% discount will automatically be applied.

Thanks a lot. Had my eye on the fluent traveler for a while and finally picked it up.
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

Ah sorry. Did you use it? Can you return and rebuy?

Already used it. :shrug:
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Well this is certainly different for Nau. Apparently no two shirts are the same?
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I have some credit at NAU, and I need a new fall jacket. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts (or reviews, if anyone has experienced) on the Rift Jacket. I also looked at the Uptown Down Blazer, but I'm not sure I can get down with the technical blazer look. Thanks!
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Gonna be in Portland this weekend and will very likely check out Lizard Lounge. I'll try to check out the Rift for you.
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^^ NIce! Have fun. I won't really be around, but there's no shortage of good stuff to check out. Looks like our amazing Indian Summer is going away, so you'll get some proper PNW rain. satisfied.gif
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Thanks! I'd been watching the weather and had been hoping it would be nice, but fate seems to have dictated otherwise. Oh well. smile.gif
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Thanks so much, ahjota! If you come across the Uptown Down, I'd love to know what it's like in person too.
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So I dropped by Lizard Lounge this weekend and looked at the Rift Jacket for you, SerialComma. It seems pretty nice. Details are pretty nice and functional. Would be good as a fall jacket with a shirt or twin sweater underneath. Regarding the fit, I normally wear size Small in Nau, and the size Small worked just fine -- I had pretty good range of motion. As for the Uptown Down, I saw it on the rack but forgot to try it on or examine it. Sorry!

Personally, I really liked the Synfill sweater. I may get the solid green one for a midlayer. I actually had to size up on that, as it was kind of tight around the pits, but the medium was still pretty slim throughout. The wool banded shirt is nice -- contrary to the product description on the website, they all seemed to have the same banding. I was hoping to find the Urbane II but didn't see it anywhere.

My lady friend liked the M3 blazer a lot -- I might have to get that as a Christmas present -- and loved how light the women's down-filled trenches were. She also really liked the Rift jacket... for what it's worth. smile.gif

I thought I would like the M3 jacket, but it seemed like it wouldn't be warm enough, and I felt like the fabric might pill after a while. Anyone have an M3 jacket or hoody and can verify that?
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Thanks, ahjota! That was really helpful. And I'm glad you mentioned the Synfill sweater, as I thought that was an interesting piece. I actually have the M3 hoody from a few seasons back, and I love it. I especially like the version I have because it's got the straight-up-and-down zipper, as I'm not a fan of the offset zipper, functionality be damned. It's a great midlayer on the coldest days, and it's toasty enough for brisk fall days. It does pill a little bit, but the amazing Izumi sweater shaver makes short work of eliminating that.

(The M3 blazer is on my wife's wish list too!)
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As a long time fan of Nau I have to admit the new website design and overall photo styling bums me out. I knew the old photo director and any minor quibbles people had w/ her approach are now moot, as it was light years better than what's happening now.
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Anyone see this yet? Looks like Filson is partnering up with NAU on a messanger bag and a jacket. Looks nice.

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^ It's not a NAU exclusive, for what it's worth. They're just selling them alongside the Nudies and Timberland Boot Co.'s.
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