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Originally Posted by ahjota View Post
^^ I'll find out next week. They describe the fit of each piece on the page, and I've had good results in calling/emailing and asking for measurements -- which seem to match up fairly well with their sizing chart.
Cool. I know some companies act like they've never thought of measuring their clothes out before in case a customer acts. At an add'l 40% this stuff doesn't look that bad at all.
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I would say sizing tends to be rather TTS, but arms tend to be a little long, especially in outerwear. Their justification is that the clothes are cut for more active people. Being tall and slim, this works out well for me.
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I ordered three jackets, a couple shirts, some pants, and some shorts from them a year or two ago. Returned it all except the shorts, and those I ordered for my brothers too. Everything seemed TTS, but a couple of the jackets had really sloppy stitching, pants were too baggy, and I didn't like the shirt collars. I do like them and hope they do well.
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What specifically didn't you like about the collars?
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I think they were too big and pointy for my little head. But as I said, it was a year or two ago. Collars, etc. may have changed.
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Got my Nau purchase in the mail today. (USPS Priority Mail... very nice)

I got a long-sleeve polo and a twisted scarf. I'll post about the polo in a bit, but I first have a question about the scarf. I ordered one in lichen, but they accidentally shipped me one in twilight. I didn't originally want the twilight one, but now that I've seen it in person, I'm not sure.


The first is outside, in the shade, natural light behind me (obviously).

The second is inside, in soft white incandescent.
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Not a huge Nau fan but the scarf looks pretty nice. Personally I'd keep it.
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^+1 Yeah, that's the only color in that scarf that I liked. Is it super soft?
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Yes. Very much so.
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Keep it! Nice purchase...
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Originally Posted by raginberriodoom View Post
I'm actually looking to pick up the the blazing jacket, since it seems to be the most warm out of all the jackets (I need it for those nasty Chicago winters...) The down shirt looks nice but does not look to be as warm as the blazing jacket. Can anyone else comment on these two pieces?

I own the blazing jacket and really like it. One of my favorite pieces. It fits really well, but the website model doesn't show it well. The sleeves can be a tad long because the cuffs are cut at an angle, extending past the wrist for the outer part. this jacket is much warmer than it looks and down is also in the hood.

I wasn't such a fan of the down shirt. Its a weird concept. Least interesting piece in the collection.

You can see the whole collection in person if you go to Connect in Wicker Park. It is on Milwaukee between North & Division.
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Oh yeah, I meant to post about the shirt I got. It's this one, in red. The fabirc's really nice. Silky, and the elastane adds just a bit of stretch. Very breathable. The cut is pretty good. I took a few measurements earlier, and the pit-to-pit is like 20", one inch below that is 19", then it tapers down to 17" at the waist. The sleeves ARE really long; they cover about half of the back of my hand. If I'm wearing it alone, or as the outermost layer, it looks fine. Slim through the sleeves. Nau's sizing chart says that the small is cut for someone with a chest of 37.5" and wearing waist of 30.5" or something like that. I completely agree with this statement. It's just a little big for me in general, which is why I'm going to return it.
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Meh, sold out my size in the dualist jacket. You use that code on the first page and it comes out to $95.40 with the free shipping still. Good deal if you ask me.
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Looking into these pants:

Hoping they are not too relaxed. They look slim in the pictures.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
I have a nau parka. It keeps me warm, fits reasonable slim for something down, and has cool pockets.

looked good on you
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