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Tommy Hilfiger Long sleeve shirt

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Pros: Retains plumpness/puffiness/breathability

Cons: A lot of molting going on.

For the record, the exact fabric content of these sox is: 55% acrylic, 24% wool, 11% nylon, 7% polyester, 2%rubber, 1% spandex. Even though they say "Wool" on the tag (see pix)  I've worn these socks about 4-5 times. Really like how the sock retains it's puffiness and you can feel yourself separated from the insoles of the shoes cause they are so plump.  These are the kind of socks you wear with shoes that fit you a little loose.


Paid $9/pair on sale, but the MSRP is $14.


However, the bottom of the socks is starting to molt fabric.  Don't know if it'll get any worse, but the socks are still puffy. Maybe I'll report back after more wearings. I bought 2 pair and I have not used the lighter colored one.  




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Pros: Cheap, decent fabric, good fit, many different color options

I bought around 12 Tommy Hilfiger shirts when they were on sale on Tommy Hilfiger's webshop. Costed me $33 each shirt. For this price Tommy Hilfiger is much bang for the buck. In my country (Norway) Tommy Hilfiger shirts cost $150, when not on sale, it's insane and to this price they very bad. But when I can get them for 33$ each by using a private proxy in the US, then it's very good value, given the price.
Tommy Hilfiger Long sleeve shirt

Button-down collar Buttoned cuffs Front closure Button closing Back with gathers Cloth Tartan Cloth Woven

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Styleforum › Reviews › Shirts › Long Sleeve Shirts › Tommy Hilfiger Long sleeve shirt