Absolutely excellent Sawyer dress boots

A Review On: To Boot New York Men's Sawyer Boot,Parma Doc Teak 432,9.5 M US

To Boot New York Men's Sawyer Boot,Parma Doc Teak 432,9.5 M US

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Pros: Look, fit, quality of materials and construction

Cons: Could be narrow for some, could be a bit slippery in rain or snow when new

I have these in black and brown. They are phenomenally crafted. They fit beautifully, especially if you have narrower feet, with a fashionable European toe profile that is anything but square. I use my Superfeet dress shoe orthotics in them and they work perfectly. True to size, these boots are made of soft Italian and French leather in Italy. The sole is also leather and built solidly. They took almost no time to break in and they fit like foot gloves and feel great on my feet.

I wear them to work with my suits and they look sleek and professional. They dress up a pair of jeans well, too, though they may be too dressy for that in some instances. Keep them polished and they'll last forever.

These boots are expensive but so worth it. After you've bought them, you'll have the best boots you've ever had and be wearing works of art. They look and smell fantastic.


I happened to pick up a pair of these (in black) on sale at Bloomingdale's the other day. Had gone in looking for yet another pair of oxfords, but my GF convinced me to go for these. Haven't street-tested them yet, but looking forward to trying them out some casual Friday in the near future. Haven't owned a pair of dress/indoor boots since I was a kid in the 70s...
Wow, can't believe it's been 3 years since I bought these - still my favorite pair of shoes, and I would kill to find them in another color - I'd even take another pair in black... so hard to find a really nice zippered dress boot.