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This coat feels tailor made and is the perfect level of warmth

A Review On: Sterlingwear Navigator Peacoat

Sterlingwear Navigator Peacoat

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Pros: Room to layer, perfect cut, stylish

Cons: I can't wear it as often as I would like in Arizona

I am 5'3, 130 lbs, 35 inch chest, and my arm and shoulder measurements match the 36S measurements from Sterlingwear's website.  The coat drapes perfectly just covering my bottom.  I wore my coat for the first time today (12/2/2013) and the morning weather was around 58F and evening weather after work was around 62F.  I wore the coat unbuttoned (a little chilly) and buttoned (not cold or warm beneath my coat).  The coat is extremely comfortable with plenty of arm movement and room to layer.  It's not so tight you wouldn't be able to drift in a sports car if the moment presented itself.  The collar flares up to protect against the wind, but I will be wearing a scarf when it gets colder.  The deep pockets warm the hands when you don't (or forget) to wear gloves.  I will probably have to layer later in December through February.  The navy color of the coat is a nice dark blue that is noticeably blue rather than so dark it looks black.  A lint brush like the Magik Brush or the classic sticky paper roller is a must as the coat attracts lint and hair.  I drove home from work with the jacket buttoned up in the chest and I didn't feel too warm running the heater in my car.  I did have to turn down the heater to a lower temperature, but I didn't have to shut it off or open the windows.  I ordered the coat on 11/23/2013 and received it on 11/27/2013.  I love to pair blue with khaki colored pants and blue striped/yellow striped dress shirts along with brown or brownish/reddish shoes.  I think this coat will pair well with jeans, khakis, black pants (not navy colored pants), and brown dress pants.


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