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Savannah Sox "No See 'Um" Loafer Socks


Pros: Invisible with loafters or boat shoes; moisture-wicking material

Cons: Might be too big on size 7 or below men's shoes

I hate socks.  But living in the Deep South, my shoes can only handle so many July cocktail parties.  I found Savannah Sox online based on a friend's recommendation.  These loafter socks slip over your toes and help keep your feet dry, without being visible in a pair of loafers.  They are green so they are easy to find in the drawer.  They have no heel to pop off, and they really do stay on my feet.  I now own three pairs and have recommended them to a bunch of folks.


Pros: Very versatile. Wear them with all types of footwear

Cons: Other colors

I bought my first pair last October and absolute love them.  I have gotten a few pairs since and I am still thrilled with this sock.


I do not like wearing socks - even in the dead of winter.  But, I also can't stand the swamp foot I get from wearing no socks at all.   These no see um socks are the perfect product for me.  They are comfortable, high quality athletic style half socks that absorb moisture and are unnoticeable while on.  You get the no sock look without sweating through your shoe.  


When I first ordered these, I was skeptical that they would stay in place but I have found that stay put all day long.  I now wear these socks all the time with every type of shoe - loafers, running shoes, crocks, boat shoes.  In fact, these socks have replaced my ankle socks because no matter which brand I tried I always had the quitters that slip down your heel into your shoe.  Now, I get that no sock look and don't have to worry about the sock slipping into my shoe.  I also walk a lot of golf and constantly was annoyed with quitters in my golf shoes.  Now I just wear the no see ums and I don't have to worry about my socks slipping into my golf shoe.  


One last comment - these are advertised as men's socks but my wife loves them too.  She "borrowed" a pair and raved about how comfortable they were.  I got her a pair and we noticed they fit perfect after a turn in the washing machine.


Great product.  My only complaint is that I wish they had other colors. 

Savannah Sox "No See 'Um" Loafer Socks

"No See 'Um Socks for the Southern Gentleman

MaterialCotton/Cool Max
SizeOne Size Fits Most
Colors AvailableGreen
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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