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Keep Pursing Duffle bag

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Keep Pursing Duffle bag

Keep Pursuing Duffle Review Keep Pursing, the company behind one of the most astonishing duffle bags I have come across is a US based company that makes a couple of different products, all unique and marvelously useful in their own way. I managed to get my hands on their KP Duffle bag and boy, was I in for a treat. The KP Duffle bag breaks out of the mainstream duffle bag design which is a cylindrical or perhaps an elongated square shape. Instead the KP Duffle comes in a profile in which is slopes down at one side providing a truly impressive, powerful and theatrical look. The dimensions of the KP duffle are 9x21.5x10.5 inches which makes it the ideal airline carry-on companion and it will fit in most overhead compartments without any complications. With an overall capacity of 24 liters in the primary compartment and prodigious fifteen other partitioned storage compartments, this bag has a lot to offer to make your travel smoother. On the outside, you get a ventilated shoe compartment. The two circular ventilation vents are made of aluminum mesh and go great with the overall look of the bag. You also get a quick-access pocket for your smartphone, a utility hatch, two side pockets and a water bottle compartment. On the inside it contains multiple mesh pockets, a big faux-fur-like lined pocket, a zipper pocket and a hidden pocket which took me a while to notice. Even with all these compartment, sections and pockets the bag brilliantly manages to keep a clean and minimalistic look. The wonderfully black exterior goes perfectly hand in hand with the brilliantly clean yet neon interior. As for what I managed to put inside, brace yourselves. • A pair of jeans • Three shirts • Three t-shirts • Two pairs of socks • A size 9.5 shoes The manufacturing is absolutely exquisite. The PU leather is scratch proof and the interior is made of ripstop nylon. Combine that with Zamak 5 zinc alloy hardware and zippers that are waterproof, this duffle offers top notch features and quality which will accompany you many years of use. While KP lists this as a travel bag, it does not necessary need to be just that. You can quite easily use it as a gym bag or as your daily commute and it will serve you in a terrific manner. So, if you are looking for a magnificently looking duffle bag, whether for travelling, your daily commute or even the gym, this bag is a choice which not only you will not regret but you will look forward to you as well.

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