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Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold 2-Button Wool Suit


Pros: Half - Canvas Jacket, 120s, Bemberg Lining, Price

Cons: Boxy Cut, Reverse Double Pleat, In House Tailoring

Jos A. Banks is constantly running sales so fair pricing can be difficult to judge; which is understandably a common complaint. I was able to purchase my Signature Gold Suits for less than $300, which is an extremely good deal for a half-canvas construction (they rarely run a below $300 sale on these suits so look for it during the 2 weeks before Christmas). Tailoring is always extra and for me it was an added $79 per suit which included working cuffs ($50), sides taken in, and full-break to the pants.


I would suggest that you take the suit somewhere else to be tailored as I've had consistent tailoring issues by going in shop. Unless you know exactly how your suit should look & fit I would take it somewhere else. The tailors tend to let the sleeves stay too long and often times cut the suit too tight or too loose. That includes both the jackets and pants.


 The overall quality and construction of the suit is good. I've gotten 3 years out of the lower quality Signature Suits so I would expect a time frame similar to longer with these. I wear each of my suits once every other week but my first Signature Suits were worn twice a week (poor at the beginning of my career..haha). Color has stayed strong and the jackets are light weight with a firm construction.


 For the price these suits can be purchased at I have no complaints. There are an immense amount of higher quality, higher priced, half and full canvassed suits that are far better, however, for those of us early in our careers a quality collection can be built out on a budget using these suits.


On a last note. Not everyone is going to look good in Jos A Banks suit due to the assembly line style production of them. They're cut like a box so alterations can be limited. I have wide shoulders and a narrow waist so I looked fine in them but overall thin individuals would do better with a slim fit suit from Jos A Banks or another manufacturer. For comparison I fit better in a 41R Jos A Banks suit while I’m a 42L in my Italian designed suits (sartorio).

Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold 2-Button Wool Suit

2-Button center-vent jacket for classic styling. Year-round fabric has fluid drape and rich hand for classic styling. Sleeve constructed for the addition of custom working buttonholes. Tailored shoulders and pick-stitched detailing. Premeier jacquard lining. Half-canvas chest piece and padded lapels for a crisp, smooth look. Scalloped facing for a clean finish. Double reverse-pleated trousers have premium cotton pockets and are half lined to the knee. Unfinished bottoms for altering ease. Dry clean. Imported.

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