Great looks, decent material, not very practical, no pockets, wouldn't recommend

A Review On: Herschel Ravine Black/Tan FA 12

Herschel Ravine Black/Tan FA 12

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Pros: Looks great, nice thick handle, neat pinstrip interior lining

Cons: NO pockets on the inside, lack of space, not the greatest shoulder strap

I bought this bag and regretted it only a couple of weeks later.  Materials and construction is very nice, and even the exterior design.  The lack of any pockets at all is where it really falls short.  I throw in smaller items inside the bag, and half the time I find them on the underside of the cardboard base.  The shoulder strap twists and turns, the strap pad is never aligned and seemingly hardly sits flush on my shoulder, making it uncomfortable when used.  The duffle is also a lot smaller than I originally thought.  I can barely fit in shoes, and a couple of outfits.


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