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Herring Windermere

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Herring Windermere

The Herring Windermere isn’t so much crafted as engineered. As hard as a nail and as solid as the hammer that hits it, this is a boot for taking on the elements. Featuring a leather upper and full leather lining, the Commando rubber sole and Veldtschoen construction make this a highly water resistant shoe. These qualities of durability and practicality are the reason they’re stocked by E.J. Churchill, the largest privately owned shooting school in the UK. It’s not a good idea to disappoint men who carry guns. Veldtschoen construction makes for a particularly tough boot as the upper turns outwards and is stitched directly to the midsole.

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Styleforum › Reviews › Footwear › Boots › Lace-Up Boots › Herring Windermere