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Dr. Martens Unisex Original 10 Eye Steel Toe Boot


Pros: Great leather, well built, solid, great sole, they look AMAZING!!!.....

Cons: They take a VERY LONG TIME TO BREAK!!.... expect PAIN! for weeks.

Ive had this boots for 5 years now, and they are still in great shape  and look even greater.


Back in 2011 i wanted a new pair of Martens , but i didnt want the 6" 1460s everybody has, so i researched a little bit  and found this 9" steel toe boots (1919).... i immediately fell in love with them.

I was going to buy them via Amazon (i had to as i live overseas and they only put a local Martens store here 3 years ago), but i was lucky enough to get them in my size  in a random store that had imported some pairs of Martens.

I had to pay much more than they cost for them but i decided it was worth it for not having to wait 20 days for their arrival.

Well.... they were Martens, so you may all know what it feels like to unbox them.... Beautiful stiff black leather, The distinctive Martens sole, the distinctive yellow stitch on the sole, great solid build..... GORGEOUS BOOTS.

I tested them at the store and .... well.... they felt a little stiff, some pressure points here and there, but overall not bad, so i Took them home with me. I was sooo excited!.

OK..... over the next 15 days, i felt horrible PAIN in my feet!!.... They bled like hell!.... those little friction points here and there became unbearable.... the boots became two torture chambers.

Fortunately the pain lasted no more than 15 days, and now they are some of my favorite boots, they look AMAZING and they became very comftable (like what ussualy happens with Martens).

The pain i felt never involved friction from the steel toe and it doesnt even feel like is there.

Im very happy i got them, but i dont know if i will buy another pair of hard leather Martens....  i discovered recently there are SOFT leather Martens that need close to no breaking time.... if i buy another pair, i will buy those.


Overall, i have to say that this are Extremely painfull boots to break, but.... ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Get them if you dont mind breaking them.


Four and a half stars to this sadistic beauties.lol.

Dr. Martens Unisex Original 10 Eye Steel Toe Boot

From the distinctive hang tab at the heel to the yellow stitching along the sole, this Unisex 10 Eye Steel Toe Boot is unmistakably Dr. Martens through and through. You're bound to appreciate tough Goodyear welt construction and the deceptively supple leather upper, which belies the tough steel toe cap it covers. The fine haircell leather is of the highest quality, assuring your satisfaction with this quality boot, no matter what your line of work or choice of pastime.<p> <strong>Benefits of Goodyear Welt</strong><br> Goodyear welt is a shoe construction in which the upper and sole of the shoe are stitched together for greater durability rather than glued. The resulting seam is visible and runs around the outside of the shoe, where the upper and outsole meet.<p> <strong>About Dr. Martens</strong><br> <table align="right" width="118" cellpadding="5"><TR><TD><img border="2" src="http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/stores/sport-goods/detailpageimages/docmartens.jpg"></TD></TR><TR><TD><B><I><SMALL></SMALL></I></B></TD><p></TR></table> Dr. Martens is the stuff of legends. It all began near Munich, Germany in 1945 when Dr. Klaus Maertens injured his foot in a skiing accident in the Bavarian Alps. To make walking easier during the healing process, he designed a shoe with an air-cushioned sole. Using old rubber tires, he constructed soles that had air trapped within closed compartments. He showed his prototype to his engineer/inventor friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, and together they decided to develop and produce the shoes. Not only did the shoe solve the doctors immediate problem, but it also started to sell well in Germany.<p> By 1959 the two decided that they needed a company to produce and distribute the shoes, then called Dr. Maertens, in other parts of the world. At first, many manufacturers rejected the concept of an air cushioned sole as a short-lived gimmick. However, the R. Griggs Group, located in the village of Wollaston in England, decided to go along with the idea by creating the first work boot with the revolutionary sole. On the first of April 1960, the first cherry red eight-eyelet work boot was produced and named 1460 (1/4/60). To sell the brand name better in England, the name was anglicized to Dr. Martens. The range was branded AirWair and the rest is history.<p>

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