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Danner Men's Big Horn GTX 7" Boot


Pros: stiff,supportive,good edge,comfortable,sturdy,don't run too hot

Cons: no protective tang, need breaking in

It's very hard to get Danners in the UK, but the BigHorn is one of the few non military styles available. First things first - this boot has received a fair bit of slating in US forums. This was initially a worry, but I have not experienced any of the wet feet or debris in the fabric issues reported by others. Was there a bad batch? That said, I have not done much more than walk through a few puddles and mud on wet hunting days so the jury is still out.

It took a while to break these in, only to be expected with a well made leather boot. It's quite a narrow fit so that's something to bear in mind. This boot works well in mud and steep slopes, you can stand and walk on an edge without discomfort. Good ankle support, although the sole is a little strange under the ball of your foot, the round nobbles there on the boot are higher than the rest of the cleats which makes it uncomfortable (and a bit slippy and unstable) on wet concrete and tarmac. As they wear down this issue will disappear.

I've used this boot with weight on warm days and cold, and it breathes well - although it would struggle on very hot days I suspect. The toe area / front of boot will get scratched by brambles etc as there is no leather protector, so you'll have to fill them with polish.


UPDATE - now i've had these a while in harsh conditions, I must say i'm a little dismayed to report they seem to let the damp in - eventually - if you are out all day in the mud and wet grass. seems to take 4-5 hours but then you start to feel the moisture building up and have a damp liner and sock when you take them off at the end of the day. A shame. Other that that they are holding up well. It doesn't compare to an Irish Setter boot, but then it is £100 cheaper.

Danner Men's Big Horn GTX 7" Boot

Durable full grain leather 7" of support and stability Fatigue Fighter footbed for all-day comfort Waterproof and breatable Gore-tex liner Ideal for big game hunting

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