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This boots will surely outlast me....

A Review On: Chippewa Men's Super Logger Waterproof Boot

Chippewa Men's Super Logger Waterproof Boot

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JC Echeverry
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Pros: Great leather, heavily reinforced quality stitching, Heavy duty vibram sole, fresh in the inside ("Chipatex" realy works), and comftable as a sneaker.

Cons: HEAVY. period.

Well, at first, when i saw them in the Chippewa website i thought: "MAN!... i will look like Frankenstein´s monster in those!!....".... But as time passed, i slowly started to love them.

Back in 2011, I was dressing like a lumberjack  and what better shoes to look like a lumberjack than actual lumberjack boots?.... so i went for the best.... (at least the best in many , many reviews..... i do my homework before i buy any boots).....

After a long while (i live overseas), i got the shipment.... i was really not surprised to feel how HEAVY the package was (they look heavy even in pictures).

There they were!!..... Big and heavy, but absolutely gorgeous.

The leather was beautiful!!.... it had many different shades of "apache" brown (it didnt last long that way, it becomes dark brown, period).... the sole was EXTRA THICK!...( i even thought it was much thicker than what i feel comftable wearing, but eventually the feeling died in a very short time).

I was amazed to see how REINFORCED the leather stitching was.... 3 and 4 times reinforced.... the first impression told me they would last LOONG! (and it was not wrong).

Gorgeous Waxed laces were a great adition to the whole package.

OK.... then, i wore them for the first time...... when you read "STEEL TOE" logger boots, you imagine they will be stiff and breaking time will be eternal.... and when you unpack them and see how heavy they are, you worry about your feet....... BUT.... on the contrary, THEY FELT LIKE HEAVEN!.... not a single tight spot, not a single uncomftable feature..... the inner lining was soft and gentle. 

It actually felt much like wearing sneakers, only.... HEAVIER.... much heavier.... this was a great surprise to me as i thought they were going to destroy my feet, like Dr Martens ussually do when i buy them.... in fact, the last boots i had aquired before i got the Super Loggers were a pair of 1919 steel toe Martens that tore my feet appart for 15 days.... they bled and hurt like hell!... so i was very concerned..... What a pleasant surprise it was to find out how comftable this boots were..... NO BREAKING TIME REQUIRED (at least not for me).

And the best part..... THEY LOOK GREAT!.

Ive had them  and i have abused them for 5 years now, and they are complete.... no cracks in the leather, no broken stitching, no loose eyelets..... even the sole is very well for being 5 years old.

The only three negative things i could say about this boots are:

1. The original laces were torn apart by the eyelets after a few months..... i replaced them with high quality local round brown  waxed laces and they have lasted until now.

2. The leather becomes Dark Brown and looses its original color.... (not that i care much about that).

3. HEAVY as hell.... i dont really care about that, but i know some people has issues with their shoes weight.


Overall.... i would say they are maybe the best pair of boots i´ve ever  had.... They may outlast me, no kidding.  I will buy a black pair of Super Loggers when i feel i need them.... Five stars to this AWESOME BOOTS.


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