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uncomfortable, unpractical

A Review On: APC Petit Standard

APC Petit Standard

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Pros: nice Japanese material but assembled in Macau, China

Cons: too small

I am a thin build girl with skinny hip and bums, I normally wear a size 25 in Paige denim, and thought I give the selvedge raw a try. The 24 of New Standard is too bulky in the high waist leg, so I exchanged for a 24 of the Petit standard, it is way too small.  I read that it is suppose to stretch out, but it is painful to even put it on. It is basically a pair of skinny without any stretch and it the waist band cuts right at the hip bone, it is impossible to pull up the jean from the calf, and even putting on socks pass the ankle is a problem.  Not to mention doing anything like squatting or raising your leg above your knee (biking).  It did stretch a little in the waist band after half of day of wear, but not enough that it will ever be comfortable to wear (the back of the knee still hurt and there are small petechiae on my thighs from rubbing of the material). I am all about close fitting pants but this is absurd.  If the price of the black ones come down, I may exchange it for a size 25 and see if I have any luck.  I prefer my Italian made Jacob Cohen straight leg much better- beautiful material, close cut, easy to get in-out, 


Takes at least a few days to stretch out dry denim fully. i've had jeans that pinched behind the knees for 3-4 days and fit perfectly a week later. They will be hard for months though. Women don't understand the masochistic pleasure of raw jeans.
Is this a joke rating? You've got to me kidding me.
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