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Allen-Edmonds Men's Leeds Oxfords,Black,10 C

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Pros: Remarkably comfy, make me feel incredibly confident, easy to care for, look amazing

Cons: Slightly too narrow for me, blacks don't match, sewing machine markes

I was a happy 24 year old with my first real job and no decent shoes.  I read that good shoes could be resoled and last decades, so I went to AE because it was reasonably priced and made in the US.  (I found later the uppers are made in Brazil, a shameful deception.)


The sales guy was out of calf Leeds in my size (9EEE) so he showed me the shells cordovan ones.  I was immediately in love.  I got a pair in black and a pair in color 8.  Did I get upsold like woah? Totally.  And I don't care.


For the most part, they are gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable.  I don't like too much padding so I like the stacked leather soles.  It took a while to learn the dark arts of polishing shell, but it's easy and fun.  Now that they're two years old they still get welts from water, but not very badly.


Here are problems:

All the stitches have marks from the part of the sewing machine that clamps down on the leather to move it through the machine.  It takes the form of a 1/8th inch of dimples running in a line along each seam.  I wish it were smoother.  Also there are two places where stitches have frayed a little.


BUYER BEWARE: my black shoes don't match.  One is slightly shinier than the other no matter what I do.  


Also I have flippers instead of feet, so my toes feel a little pinched even in the extra wide shoes.


BOTTOM LINE - I think they're stunning, but I bet any shell oxford would look the same to me.  Every time I put the black pair on, I still get a little annoyed that one of them is shinier.  Just be careful about making sure they match and you'll have yourself long lasting shoes that make you feel capable and classy.

I once owned these in an 11A(They don't offer the Leeds in Extra Narrow widths any more). I would say they are true to size. Maybe a little too wide. I had them in burgundy shell cordovan.

They were a staple item in my shoe collection. However, I eventually sold them. The creases IMO became too visible. I prefer my shoes to look like they are well kept.

If you pick these up, I suggest going with brown calf.
Allen-Edmonds Men's Leeds Oxfords,Black,10 C

Size10 C US
BrandAllen Edmonds
List Price$525.00
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity1
Product GroupShoes
Product Type NameSHOES
TitleAllen-Edmonds Men's Leeds Oxfords,Black,10 C
Clothing Size10 C US
Fabric Typeeyelet
Colors Available
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