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Alden Indy Boot 405


Pros: The boots look great in cordovan

Cons: They do not hold up.

I purchased a pair of the black shell cordovan Indy Boots ($750+).  After wearing them less than 2 weeks the tongues would slip to the side.  I e-mailed Alden customer no-service and received a quick reply that Alden would do nothing and that I needed to take my issue up with the retailer,  The shoe mart did take care of this problem, by stitching the tongues in place.  I have now had these boots for 16 months and they have had several trips to my local cobbler.  In two of the eyelets small barbs of metal were catching and pulling the laces.  Both heals have had to be reattached.  And the rubber sole covers on both boots are separating from the leather.  Also any amount of rain that I get on the boots will soak in through the welt on the boots.  I have a vintage pair of Alden’s and my Indy boots are nowhere near the quality of those.  The cobbler I use locally said the quality is just not what it use to be.  This is the last pair of Alden shoes that I will ever own.

Alden Indy Boot 405

Recognized world wide as some of the finest shoes available, you may never need another pair but you will certainly always want more Aldens. The Indy Boot was made famous when Harrison Ford insisted on wearing them in Indiana Jones. Leather upper Leather lined Good Year Leather welt constuction True Balance Last

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Styleforum › Reviews › Footwear › Boots › Lace-Up Boots › Alden Indy Boot 405