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I have been looking for a ALFREDSSON CHAIN WALLET NATURAL. Please let me know if you have one and you would like to sell it to me. I am in Seattle Wa USA.. Thanks a lot!
wasnt it easier to say yes or no genius? clearly SOLD didnt answer the question you asshole!
did you sell them?
Whats the price for the PRPS 33 shipped to 98109 (Seattle)? give me a good price and Ill see, I have a pair of barracuda that looks like those ones in 34, little too big for i know 33 would be better fit but dont want to spend too much money in a pair that looks like the one i already have lol...but for the right price i might...
I forgot to ask, are this tts?
How much shipped to 98109?
Are they still available?
Do you still have this nudies? how do they fit? are they pretty true to size?
did you sell the nudies?
Whats the lowest price for the PRPS? Im not sue if they will fit and if i will like them...but im interested for a little bit lower price... do they fit like 34 or 32? I am between 33-34 and read somewhere that the actual waist size in the 32s is 34,...what size are you and how this ones fit? thanks!
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