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Doh! I missed the info on the sizing up the Boglioli, the 48 I ordered last week probably ain't gonna make it around my winter belly (which seems to have settled in year round). Ah, well. I can probably sell it to cover my expenses.
Better pics would help. It looks kind of cool, but the overall shot of the jacket is off-color and is angled away from the camera. It's hard to see the shape. That damped my interest.
Yep, better sales are coming, Thanksgiving and Christmas come to mind. In the past, it was possible to come up with close to 40% savings.
I stopped in this afternoon to have a couple jacket's fitted. They had a few nice jackets on the rack. This one http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=678&Product_Id=1701484&Parent_Id=217&default_color=BLUE-GREY&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize= ended up being my favorite, though I was ready to walk out of there with about three. I was a little disappointed to see that everything was made in China.
Sure, you should check out the Styleforum 101, there will be good pointers. However, specifically to your question I'm in the same boat and I've purchased a couple Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald fit suits (a Navy, and a Grey Glen Plaid) to outfit me for my MBA. I've gotten nothing but complements, including one of my cohort telling me that I'm the best dressed person in the group. So, as per Ballmouse, it's a smart way to go.
I ordered one of their $19 shirts, got a little crazy with upgrades and ended up at about $ 50...bit of a mistake. I patterned off a slim fit shirt that needed just a bit more room in the neck and through the body, adding an inch in the chest, waist, and just a bit at the neck. I'm not sure how I messed up the measurements but the shirt I got is much smaller than the original, can't get it around my middle aged belly and it is too small to button at the neck. Bit...
There is some nice looking stuff in there. Look forward to seeing it in the wild.
I just discovered Canvas about 6 mo. ago. Gotta say, at the discount prices, some of the items are a steal. A few shirts have become favorites for casual wear. Just picked up a pair of chino's that are 95% the same as a pair of RLP chinos (near identical in every detail, if not quite as meticulously finished) for 30 or 40% the price. I do think on some of their shirts their patterns are just not up to snuff. I've been reading folks say they're JCrew knock-offs, but JCrew...
I've adopted the Fitz for all of my new suits. 3" or less looks best, been getting lots of complements.
Dish soap. Oxy Clean. Stains gone.
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