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Just curious to know if I'm expecting too much from a suit I just bought. I don't have any pictures. It's a prince of wales Luigi Bianchi Mantova suit. The patterns don't match up over the two outside flap pockets, nor does it match up underneath the arms (which you can't see when the arms are down). It's an off the rack suit, and I got it for under $400, but is this lack of match-up a deal breaker for anyone else, or am I being too particular? I have a Brioni POW suit...
The lapels are so narrow on that suit that it's already out of fashion. It's not entirely clear to me what body type would be flattered by such non-existent lapels. This suit - according to the site - is: shell: 51% polyester/49% wool; body lining: 58% polyester/42% rayon; sleeve lining: 100% polyester It's more poly than wool. Why would you want such a bad mix?
Thanks Fok - Please PM this seller to communicate the same. I just want to do business (and make sure he sees your note). Not sure what his concern is. Best
Last try - Please instruct HOW to pay you electronically. I have a PayPal account. Sounds simple enough, no?
Very confused... I'm trying to buy this jacket but you think - by my asking how to proceed with payment - that I'm trying to scam you. If you're serious about selling this, let me know your best price, and how to pay you. That sounds like business being transacted, not a "scam" as you've suggested.
Yeah - I'm with you. I guess you missed the "subtlety" of my comment, which is: Don't go trolling a thread about Pitti and recoil in horror at pictures of dudes peacocking.The argument FOR Pitti is the half-dozen gems that get unearthed along the way.I would never have learned about Pino Lerario had it not been for Pitti (among other designers).This was the first video I ever saw from the event. After that - I was hooked:
That's like asking, "Hey - why all of these motorcycle jackets at the biker bar? What gives?"
Epaulet sells (out of stock) a quilted blazer: Can anyone who knows the guys behind the brand tell me the factory where this coat is made in Italy? Thank you
For those of you who don't know - Ports 1961 is a brand made exclusively in China. When they have sample sales, I have seen the "made in China" label removed (to confuse consumers looking for Italian and French-made luxury goods). While I understand that many "Made in Italy" labels are fraudulent [the "label is stitched on in Italy, but the work in done in China" as one manufacturer quipped], I'm wondering if anyone out there in SF land can clarify: Why is Ports 1961...
Tantamount to wearing a giant capital "H" as your belt buckle
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