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Thanks Fok - Please PM this seller to communicate the same. I just want to do business (and make sure he sees your note). Not sure what his concern is. Best
Last try - Please instruct HOW to pay you electronically. I have a PayPal account. Sounds simple enough, no?
Very confused... I'm trying to buy this jacket but you think - by my asking how to proceed with payment - that I'm trying to scam you. If you're serious about selling this, let me know your best price, and how to pay you. That sounds like business being transacted, not a "scam" as you've suggested.
Yeah - I'm with you. I guess you missed the "subtlety" of my comment, which is: Don't go trolling a thread about Pitti and recoil in horror at pictures of dudes peacocking.The argument FOR Pitti is the half-dozen gems that get unearthed along the way.I would never have learned about Pino Lerario had it not been for Pitti (among other designers).This was the first video I ever saw from the event. After that - I was hooked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtuOyClLfwc
That's like asking, "Hey - why all of these motorcycle jackets at the biker bar? What gives?"
Epaulet sells (out of stock) a quilted blazer: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/veneto-single-breasted-lightweight-quilted-sportcoat-dove-grey Can anyone who knows the guys behind the brand tell me the factory where this coat is made in Italy? Thank you
For those of you who don't know - Ports 1961 is a brand made exclusively in China. When they have sample sales, I have seen the "made in China" label removed (to confuse consumers looking for Italian and French-made luxury goods). While I understand that many "Made in Italy" labels are fraudulent [the "label is stitched on in Italy, but the work in done in China" as one manufacturer quipped], I'm wondering if anyone out there in SF land can clarify: Why is Ports 1961...
Tantamount to wearing a giant capital "H" as your belt buckle
They did...but I much preferred the mod centerfolds [really, I'd rather just line a coat with some "boring" LP cashmere - which I've had my tailor do]
Exactly my point. Yoox is the embodiment of the iGent.As for SEW in NYC - it has a checkered past (with a bunch of negative reviews), so I'm certainly not endorsing them, but I have visited the shop and was impressed by their samples, the LP fabric books, and the lining options.Again - I'm not going bespoke - so, it's not for me. I ducked in when my wife was dress shopping in the neighborhood.
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