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Epaulet sells (out of stock) a quilted blazer: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/veneto-single-breasted-lightweight-quilted-sportcoat-dove-grey Can anyone who knows the guys behind the brand tell me the factory where this coat is made in Italy? Thank you
For those of you who don't know - Ports 1961 is a brand made exclusively in China. When they have sample sales, I have seen the "made in China" label removed (to confuse consumers looking for Italian and French-made luxury goods). While I understand that many "Made in Italy" labels are fraudulent [the "label is stitched on in Italy, but the work in done in China" as one manufacturer quipped], I'm wondering if anyone out there in SF land can clarify: Why is Ports 1961...
Tantamount to wearing a giant capital "H" as your belt buckle
They did...but I much preferred the mod centerfolds [really, I'd rather just line a coat with some "boring" LP cashmere - which I've had my tailor do]
Exactly my point. Yoox is the embodiment of the iGent.As for SEW in NYC - it has a checkered past (with a bunch of negative reviews), so I'm certainly not endorsing them, but I have visited the shop and was impressed by their samples, the LP fabric books, and the lining options.Again - I'm not going bespoke - so, it's not for me. I ducked in when my wife was dress shopping in the neighborhood.
Yes - most SF voyeurs, low-posters (of which I am currently one), or non Spoo types are unlikely to buy a bespoke suit from the Row, from Harrold's in Sydney, or from Sew in Manhattan, but that doesn't mean that one can't purchase a fully handmade Brioni suit on ebay for a fraction of the price, or even a Rubinacci garment through the B&S forum right here.As the most chic NYC resale men's shop owner said to me - "Fashion is never worth what you pay for it." And he's right....
It's deja vu all over again!
Use the K I S S method: Keep It Simple Stupid Don't worry about brands. Just follow the basic rules for your interview suit. Same with socks. Keep it simple. Brands should not come into the equation here. As has been said for hundreds of years: The best dressed man is the one whose clothes go unremarked.
Where are you located? Yoox.com has an amazing and wide selection of suits. You can get (consistently) 60% off retail price. And suits - if they're neutrals or solids - don't go out of style (so - who cares if it's from "last season?"). Always buy a 2 button front with a notch lapel (single breasted). You can search on Yoox by color, and - in many cases - by material. If you're in a major city - there is MySuit. The quality is mid-range (it's made in Mexico), but it's...
If you're a traditionalist - pinstripes are for bankers. A solid navy or solid grey cloth would work much, much better. Yes - the field you're endeavoring, the point you're at in your career, etc. - these kinds of things matter very much when it comes to selecting the proper interview clothes. I would also avoid buying a used suit for a job interview. It's like wearing a second hand tuxedo to your own wedding. The suit you're looking at may be in "excellent pre-owned...
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