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That's what puzzled me, as well. In any role I've ever had, be it working at a small retail shop in high school or in my current management role at a Fortune 100, repeat business is the lifeblood of most any industry. They simply didn't care for mine. Maybe I'm more of a headache than they want, who knows. I'm sure another business will take my money and appreciate the fact that I want a quality experience and that I'm willing to pay for it.
I definitely wasn't rude. I was more upset as the email chain went on, though (understandably, I think).As a company, they have zero quality control, that's obvious - your experience shows this, as well. They also have a pretty lousy business ethic based on this and other experiences with them.I'm fine with going to another company. I'm just shocked at their absolute rigidity and lack of care. They are so robotic in their responses.
That's correct. I have a few Indochino suits already. The only alteration I made was to the thighs on my last order. The suit jacket that came in was completely wrong. I can sum up their QC thusly: Suit pants were 3 inches wider in the waist than the chest measurement. There's absolutely no reason that the suit I just received has a chest 3 inches larger and a waist 5 inches smaller than another Indochino suit (that I did not have altered) I own! Especially when the...
So, I've ordered suits from Indochino before. Most needed some adjusting but they were mostly fine. I ordered a Navy Essential suit recently and it came in WAY too small. The pants (outside of the pant leg being 3 inches too wide at the bottom) were pretty good. I have 2 more suits in production. I measured the jacket and it was 3 inches smaller in the waist than the measurements show on the site (and the site now shows 2 inches smaller than the measurement I put in when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc So i found out last night i got the portland job, after my 2nd interview I got my results in 24hrs. Entire process 1 week. Im fuckin moving from sunny socal to portland. This is nuts. I wouldn't want to make that move but its a dream position. Congratz!
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos I don't disagree with your second paragraph, though I should remind you that all of this is beside your original claim and hence, beside my original point. You're off on some derivative (haha) tangent here. You started off by saying that students in MBA courses and schools do not do any advanced math beyond "basic algebra" (something you later refined to "basic calculus"). All of this was said as some sort of blanket...
Just to pile on: got mine in, far better condition than expected. His 9 rating means barely worn, at least with the pair I received. Awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by newinny Anybody in the middle of summer internship interviews? Seems like a bad year for MBA's. I am. I'm doing fairly well. 1 decent offer, 4 more interviews in the next two weeks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos So you're essentially admitting that people have to do math in bschool, then? Proving that someone requires a facility in X, Y, and Z concepts does not negate the presence of X, Y, and Z. If anything, it reinforces the case. M/ANOVA. Technically mv stats and not mv calc, but my original point -- of which mv calc was just an example -- has been roundly proved. You've already admitted your original...
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