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Hot Chicken and Korean Fried Chicken has ruined fried chicken for me.
I have 2 TOJ jackets and reading/lurking this thread, but now it is getting sad. I agree with Mauro and Prada, if you want any type of action, I'd follow their advice. It's the only logical piece of advice that has been given in this mass thread of internal anger, bickering, and trolling (especially Drew's last post).
Shit just got real
I was at a wedding last weekend and got caught in multiple rainstorms. I did my best to keep my Allen Edmonds shoes dry by immediately wiping out the water with a dry cloth. They have not been protected with anything because I read they have a natural sealant/repealant. Is there anything else I can do from keeping them from drying out? Will they be ok? Thanks.
Noticed some evo on my lamb, some fraying by the lapel
I'd like to make it clear I've had only positive experiences and customer service through you and WvG and recommend you to friends. Wolfs (pun intended) shouldn't loose sleep over sheep.
Olive green lamb with gunmetal zips
I thought this day would never come. Got my "jfetter" order of DR 2010 toffee tan calf today. No tracking or email. Ordered 8/15/13. I'll post pics in a couple of days. Calf is crazy stiff and thick lol. It definitely feels like wearing armor or two lamb jackets at once. Toffee tan looks darker in person or maybe I got a different batch. Instead of looking tan/orange, it looks more darker brown. Very shiny compared to lamb.
Nice, that pandas shirt is pretty badass
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