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DR 2010 Toffee Tan Calf with Silver zips. I already have a QDR and thought they would be too similar, but I just said screw it. Toffee tan calf looked too good to pass up with the DR 2010 styling.
JFetters Toffee Tan looked amazing and had to order one myself. Ordered in August and waiting patiently.
How do you guys treat scratches on your TOJ? Obenhaufs? I already have a couple on my lamb, no idea how I got them, nut they are pretty noticeable. Thinking of just rocking them out as a badge of honor and just calling it wear and tear.
Given scheduling, time, and date, I'd be also down for a Chicago meet-up.
A.) Looks fine unbutton, just don't button it thenB.) Lose Weight
Thanks guys! I am really happy with it, but haven't rocked it out yet since of the heat. I am contemplating getting another TOJ, I think I'm crazy. JFetter's calf tan is sick. That in a MDR would be amazing!
Olive Lamb QDR
I also got tracking and purchased on June 11th. Olive Lamb QDR
To me, it seems the new supply of calf seems drier and looks rougher compared to older pictures.
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