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CPs are way better quality than those. One of the things about quality clothing/shoes is that they age better. CPs are worth it imo, I've always gotten a lot of wear from them. That being said I only get the perforated edition, the classic white ones are very bright lol.
Honestly 2k is too much in one go, buy 1-2 pairs and see what you like wearing more.Balmain or Icarus High topsLanvin/Ann D LowsCP Summer If you can find themThat's what i wear the most/would buy again.
Does anyone know how qasa runs? in comparison to nike/balmain/cp/etc
If anything just buy the Balmains and get some nice insoles. I find them comfortable but never worn them for extended periods of time. Quality is great though
The materials don't really look good irl. While I'm no fan of lanvins they look a lot better and construction is great.
If you use a code is usually stays active on your cart for a day or two after it expires.
expired sunday
Not sure about sizing on shell toes but I would probably take size 40. I've only really had the summer editions (perforated/slim sole) and they are great they lasted a while even as beaters. Ill probably pick up another pair next summer(for the 3rd year in a row).
Im prety sure you can report it and they at least get a ticket.
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