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Does it still get hit if its below 200?
End has a good deal on Orlebar brown. Bought a pair for $130. Coupon SPRING14 http://www.endclothing.com/brands/orlebar-brown?___SID=U
Here we go again/
Open to offers. Final Drop.
Those remind me of supra with thicker sole.
Use paypal.
As far as coupon go thats the most you're going to get.
Have you looked into Mcqueen loafers? They are well made and the shape is pretty nice.
Some of those have private sales in which mostly everything is 15-30%. Subscribe to them and you should get an email when a sale is on. Checking this thread also helps.
Ssense, tres bien, end clothing, thecorner, etc. almost every store that carries them puts them on sale but most sizes are usually gone by the first or second drop.
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