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Bitches about less than $10 , gets price match and free shipping . Only @ blue owl!! Not sure if this is very good or bad lol
I kinda regret not buying them from (well don't remember something along layers,atelier..) they had those on sale for like 600 and sat there for a long time before someone eventually bought them.
Anyone know we're to get winter premiums in black ? Sold out everywhere I saw
It is, im guessing he Is confusing silent with damir doma.
Esas son puras mentiras ! Esa noche yo no andaba hay !
Its not a very good deal but its a good deal.
Agreed ups ground takes forever and its expensive. USPS will also leave a note if no one is home if you ask them, I receive so many packages so they kinda know me and do it automatically though.
Even if chest fit shoulder would be to tight.
Miscalculations will bankrupt any starting business, specially when you have no penny to spare. As far as restaurants go I would say that shitty food is one of if not the biggest factor, we all have a list of restaurants that we find food/service to be good enough to keep going. Most change over time as they receive feedback but if you scare away enough customers you wont be in business long enough to make those changes.off topic it puzzles me when i see a restaurant that...
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