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Anyone know if and-japan is legit?
How do you get the extra 50% to work? It worked right now but it went away? Any help appreciated.
Minus the textured leather those a dope.
What is the difference between flyknit racer and flyknit trainer ? Can't seem to find a definite answer online.
Then go for it it is a simple process. Just make sure to use oil based dye like fiebings. Here is a pic of my dye'd KVAs.
What shoes are those? If they are a good deal you should buy them, dying white sneakers black is pretty cheap/easy. Just be careful with the sole.
Meh...I don't like the color but they gat's sole i kinda like.
You like the jacket/style some don't, why do you have to prove yourself? Come on people no point on getting hostile. For the record I like your goth ninja look.
Anyone know were to get white/off white winter premiums size 41? everyone seems to be sold out.
New Posts  All Forums: