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I bet they are still significantly cheaper than retail.... I actually don't mind paying yoox's price since its usually way below retail and its some stuff i missed a season or two ago.
That is actually kind of funny lol edit... the fantasy lookbook that is also yea my shoes also wear out like that, I think its called being an overpronator.
Its all about chrome bro
Nike doesnt fit big, it just has a normal to slouchy fit.
Pm me actual outsole measurement¿
I dk tbh, it just wont respond
The ssd of my new laptop died. I wont be home for another month or so and need it to submit some assignments. No way to get it fixed without voiding warranty or insurance Fuck yiu asus and best buy !
Anyone know we're I could get custom sneakers? Some sneakers would be so nice with small changes to details:
I think they have potential to be awesome but yea fucking dangerous.
Drycorn? Thom krom?
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