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Thats why they still had a bunch of stuff left when they closed down.
Anyone know were the blanc and noir stock went?
I would say yes since a hot climate can dry leather.
I always wonder if givenchy will ever re-release this pair. I've always wanted a pair. Also would love the margiela velcro highs with dior gat sole much better looking.
That shit is the bomb, when they finally find it or if you had it on your wish list before it disappears you get great deals. I rememenber they had this KVA layered coat sit there forever it finally sold for like 170.
BerlinMaybe, but it goes the same way on every atm I´ve tried. Even if it gives me a 500 option.
Banks... I've been travelling for a while and even though I called to let them know I can't take out more than 200€. Like really? And my CC didn't get on time so I'm stuck doing that ugh Also why are some many places cash only in Germany
Were did you gets new pair on white crazy laces?! been looking for months for one ?
I agree specially in those colors...
\First world problems
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