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You like the jacket/style some don't, why do you have to prove yourself? Come on people no point on getting hostile. For the record I like your goth ninja look.
Anyone know were to get white/off white winter premiums size 41? everyone seems to be sold out.
but their prices will also be higher
I never had a problem with cps wearing fast and they have often been my beaters. I've been wearing my last pair (summer achilles) for like five months now as my main shoe and apart for some wrinkles and stains There is minimal leather and sole wear. Also I think you should use your good shoes more often, if not they are just an expensive paper weight in your closet.
I LOLD , in a fucked up way
^ Funny. I've heard some people size up so the shoes fit lose and dont bend as much when walking, resulting in less creasing.
Those cp bball high copies are nice to bad they don't have size 41
Buy an nice matress it will be worth every penny, if you can come up with the money for sf you sure can buy a nice matress.
^ Agreed then after you are finally overcoming the terrible changes they change it again.
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