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Like 14 ft
A bunch of stuff deeply discounted jumped in price too.
If you end up going to milan there are a couple cool stores worth a visit.AntonioliVinicio BoutiqueDAAD DatoneCorso COmo(and corso outlet)Al Bazardmagazine outlet (there are like 3, kinda hard to fine) cool stuff though
When I got my rick leather from them i paid 8% customs fees, not sure if it was a mistake but it was surprisingly low.
CPs are way better quality than those. One of the things about quality clothing/shoes is that they age better. CPs are worth it imo, I've always gotten a lot of wear from them. That being said I only get the perforated edition, the classic white ones are very bright lol.
Honestly 2k is too much in one go, buy 1-2 pairs and see what you like wearing more.Balmain or Icarus High topsLanvin/Ann D LowsCP Summer If you can find themThat's what i wear the most/would buy again.
Does anyone know how qasa runs? in comparison to nike/balmain/cp/etc
If anything just buy the Balmains and get some nice insoles. I find them comfortable but never worn them for extended periods of time. Quality is great though
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