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Silver gats + pants pants/
I really wish buttero didn't reinforce the laces holes, I really like their sneakers but those kill it for me. nice pics
I may have been a little to dramatic... anyway they are too big and stretched them out by the little toe.
Just got some josabank shoe tress on the mail.. I can't believe anyone would actually use those. I think I just ruined a pair of boots
I measured mine when i took them off to dye them ..it was something ridiculous like 12 ftI think its more of a 'i cant pull them off' 'they arent versatile'...
fat people shouldn't wear most designer clothes (sizing wise).
Someone was messing with my phone and accidently placed an order though the gilt app, anyone have any experience cancelling orders with gilt? It says you have 5 min to modify an order on the website but they werent open today so i dont know.... and im fucking pissed because everything ordered is shit.
I have the light grey version (well now died black) and I love them. Been waiting for the rerelease of the white ones. if you dont mind there are some replicas on ebay for like $100 and have that toe box.
Antonioli has them for preorder !!
Me too and always wanted the beige/white with black tongue.
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