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I was a a SL boutique and the resemblance to DH is ridiculous and nothing really interesting apart from some boots....even DH today looks better than most SL Im guessing they got hedi for direct competition with dior homme since it was doing so well?? I dk Im a little confused.
A little screen pop'd on my iphone to update i did and its now frozen in recovery mode. I would do a recovery but Its not backed up
I really like these , maybe be the colors/fabric
I really liked that jacket since I saw it at antonioli in milan but they only had 48+, ssense had it for like 600 but I had just spent all my money That being said I wouldn't say its as 'dark' in person.
That was like 800 at the corner + coupon. Nice nonetheless
I always giggle when the '$50 for a t-shit' part comes up.
Most of new season is ugly.
Is that python and stingray?
On sale season up to a week
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