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I dk tbh, it just wont respond
The ssd of my new laptop died. I wont be home for another month or so and need it to submit some assignments. No way to get it fixed without voiding warranty or insurance Fuck yiu asus and best buy !
Anyone know we're I could get custom sneakers? Some sneakers would be so nice with small changes to details:
I think they have potential to be awesome but yea fucking dangerous.
Drycorn? Thom krom?
You will get a blue undertone. It is still probably better than bleaching it though, since it will most likely weaken the fabric and not retain the new color. Maybe try a non bleach dye remover.
Any more info?
Black /orange + orange Fly knit?
Any chance any shops have the Nike Free Inneva Woven still?
I've wondered the same thing. I really like some of their stuff for comfortable/work out outfits.
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