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The materials don't really look good irl. While I'm no fan of lanvins they look a lot better and construction is great.
If you use a code is usually stays active on your cart for a day or two after it expires.
expired sunday
Not sure about sizing on shell toes but I would probably take size 40. I've only really had the summer editions (perforated/slim sole) and they are great they lasted a while even as beaters. Ill probably pick up another pair next summer(for the 3rd year in a row).
Im prety sure you can report it and they at least get a ticket.
Some ebay-er trying to negociate price after winning the auction....
A lot of buyers don't know (more like dont care to look at shipping charges) and buy things and then ask you to take off customs fee. I've had like 4 buyers back out last month just because of that...some will go to paypal some just dgaf and not pay.
Those mmm look a lot better than What i would imagine.
40 should be good
Sneakerboy trading thread.
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