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This.There is a travel app that has a function of pointing you to close attractions, so i just walk around and every couple minutes I check my phone to see if there is anything cool close by. I usually only have like one destination per day and wonder around the rest of it.
Anyone here like Andrea Pompilio? The stuff is very well made and very fun to wear. Though it's a bit flashy. Don't own any outerwear but got a chance to handle it on their Milan studio and everything was very well made.
He trolled you.
Second ones are pretty cool. Never been a fan of the 'ramones'.
Not sure, but they did up to 60% off last season.
Rick Adidas on sale at Oak NYC.
Dior homme isn't really carried online anymore(though so stores do). Something to do with exclusivity and all. No more sales at boutiques either
Shoebaloo is pretty cool.
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