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Pretty much everywhere during sales. oki ni had a 30% code + vat deduction . also tresbien had them around that price. Try eBay aswell.
They use to do a vat deduction, up until like a month my account always showed the reduction.
They are a lot roomier, which does change fit. I've had both.
Fit bigger, I've size down 1/2 or 1.
Anyone interested on these? http://odeur.se/shop/product/plain-sneaker-white/ They are too small and rather not pay int return shipping. $250+ship Size 42
anyone have a private room link?
Official Order Confirmation thread. Uniqlo - BOO31 - $31 off $200 Matches - 20% credit for previous collections
Tres bien code FW14-20-VOARZ
I like lanvin, but I can see were he is coming from. If you are not wearing them the toe cap looks a bit over-sized and being patent doesn't help.
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