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Why do people ask so obvious questions? Check yourself, I'm sure you won't miss that minute. And no probably around Christmas.
Some nice deals on Farfetch.
Yea, they usually go at least 50%.
Definitely too big.
^matches? They give you the option to pay it then or on arrival. The price shown (790) is price - vat. Edit: wtf that's like a 20% tax in the states.
If you wear them enough for it to fade the shoes will show its age. Also on cps either you sell them after a 2-3 wears or you beat them to shit.
IIRC last year there wasn't a big sale, I think for most items the sale before black friday was better (ei enjoycolors). If its 25% I'd buy them.
Pretty much everywhere during sales. oki ni had a 30% code + vat deduction . also tresbien had them around that price. Try eBay aswell.
They use to do a vat deduction, up until like a month my account always showed the reduction.
New Posts  All Forums: