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As far as coupon go thats the most you're going to get.
Have you looked into Mcqueen loafers? They are well made and the shape is pretty nice.
Some of those have private sales in which mostly everything is 15-30%. Subscribe to them and you should get an email when a sale is on. Checking this thread also helps.
Ssense, tres bien, end clothing, thecorner, etc. almost every store that carries them puts them on sale but most sizes are usually gone by the first or second drop.
Yea, damp cloth or baby wipes work fine.
Yea they move fairly quick, especially considering price. I wanted the 5 maybe proxy would be a better alternative. How much are they in japan?
Emailed haven for sizing a while back and they run TTS or small iirc. Let me see if I find the email. Edit: couldnt find it but you can email them, they just got a restock.
Anyone looking for Slip ons these Silent are cheap/nice.
It doesn't work, I have long/a lot of hair so it just falls off lol
Kris Van Assche - Bordeaux (Hard to capture) Brand New with box/dust bags. Size 41 F/W 13-14 Pm me if you have any questions or picture requests.
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