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Does anyone know how Sacai jackets/blazers fit? Is 2=38?
@rfx Here are some ramoenes 41-44 http://man.totokaelo.com/rick-owens/ramones-classic-hightop/pearlwhite/LN77C1
They where on ebay a while back, on one of those prototype auction store. Pretty cool, RO favorite along with island low tops.
To add ^ LN-CC now offers DDP so im sure you wont get hit by customs. Shipping is 25 but they deduct VAT.
Anyone know balmain sizing? Go with usual 'designer sneaker' size.
Barely 5-10 bucks, If you waited this long I'd wait till the end of January.
Belongs to cop thread but fits better here. http://www.vinicioboutique.com/en/man-shoes-sneakers/32386-sneakers-balenciaga.html
Sample sale items are usually excluded from any every code.
This or that?
Great buy, care to provide some deets will be in Mexico City for new years.
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