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Congrats you are now under surveillance From my understanding they don't reduce Vat and pay for duties to the US. Which is kind of dick...
I'm pretty sure most of the 'snob' on the forum is satire.
I always wondered why it haven't been done (apart from bespoke)..... the made by x precious metal thing that is.
He should do some Bordeaux python island dunks!
Its not working for me either.
In addition of mainly being an outlet, yoox is based in italy and gets european brands without the fees/upcost of importing them like an US boutique would.
Its weird (well not really) how my perspective changes once I see an unsual item (white boots) worn in a couple of good outfits.
Being asked a 'favor' on anything computer related and people being like "It should be easy for you" or "You know this stuff". Yes I can figure it out but its a pain in the ass to do unless you have the right software.
+ Aloha rag
The easy navigation and size charts alone make them a good website.
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