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Most of the time : baby wipes (this gets rid of almost anything) Major clean: Dove (or get suede soap). Ink/paint: Acetone condition after.
It really depends on the width of your foot. For example I have a thin foot. I bought Flyknit in 10 (9.5 fit but 10 was better). I wear 41 in summer Achilles, the ones with the thin sole, which are supposedly smaller. A 41.5 would be perfect but the 42 are way to big.
I always figured if I have $20 to eat out (as a college student) frequently I can spare a couple more bucks for a good tip. Not to mention I usually eat at the same places and get free dessert/drinks.
A size 42 would probably be fine... I'm a 9.5-10 in nike and wear 41.
Everyone is always providing a service at some point. Doesn't mean we need to start tipping absolutely everyone. I read an article a while back of how a restaurant increased their price like 30% and started to provide health insurance and good salary for waiters, seems like a better alternative.
I think that it was fair.
What? those things are extremely sweet, and they are quite good when frozen.
Last day for TCGIFT 10% thecorner
CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN -Bomber http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41384022im.html
COuld anyone proxy something for thecorner Italy? Not available on the US. If so please pm me and tell me how much you would charge.
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