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Why not do it? Just research a bit and buy the appropriate products.
Barely? ... Lucky
Converse x A1923
Maybe they're for guys who want women to like their shoes?
From what i understand they didn't really told them to stop selling them but to take them off their website. If anything it'll damage SL more since they'll just replace them with dior homme or CDG as a lot of buyers just get what they see at the boutique (and like of course).
600 miles isnt that much. I bet you could fly for cheap. If the jacket is 1k+ I'd probably go.
Lining shouldn't be a problem as both are natural fibers. I've dyed cotton black with a great outcome. Use more than indicated and its better to go for all black as gray would probably be blotched. I've used Dylon but I've heard this was one of the best fiber reactive dyes. http://www.jacquardproducts.com/dyes/
Yea I agree I've seen a couple guys in full suits (including tie clip worn very high) at 'nice' clubs and bars. This past weekend a friend commented on how block parties are also victims of this lol
Hedi,here have a snickers you get grumpy when you're hungry.
I think some (from a couple reasons ago) are very nice but most are over distressed which I don't like.Yea gordini version is
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