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Alright so if I fit on a 41 thin sole, 41 should be fine?
Do 'normal' soled cps fit a little bigger than the ones with 'thin' sole? I've only bought thin ones and looking into the black/camo sole with white uppers.
All I want are some white perforated w/gumsole. We should mass email common projects headquaters lol
My guess is the 42 will stretch out nicely. I would keep those. Try tres bien, they still have that 50 euro code. + 20 % discount if you are in the US.
Not sure how tall you are/your proportions but if you size up from 42 to 43 you might throw your proportions off. I would suggest making the laces little loose and try the 42. What is your usual size?
Older seasons are about TTS (about gat size) new season are huge.
+1There is also antonioli, its a cool shop even if you are not into that kind of stuff.
I had forgotten how much of a pain is to sell stuff online, I constantly receive offers for 30% of my asking price which is already less than half of retail (for new stuff btw).
They are just a little tighter due to the slimmer sole I believe.
obligatory lncc visit?
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