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No. Its usually them moving a lot of items to another warehouse (usually the one in Italy).
Same here did see any drops
Hey I just met you,And this is crazy,But here's my .....,So ........., maybe!Profit!
@gdl203 You guys should have a "(sold out)" on sizes no longer available I've been disappointing over and over again while browsing. On the positive note its good that you guys are selling the stock.
Oki ni final markdown...
Use the code YOOXCHEAPASS You order is free and get 10% money yoox !
My guess is most people don't cut it.
IMO Balmain/RO as far as quality goes
Theres a guide somewhere of how to take those security tags on/off.
Does anyone know about long long it usually takes for OC to ship thing during sale season? Its been 6 days (items are still available online btw). I understand extra couple days but a week with no updates
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