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Yea they move fairly quick, especially considering price. I wanted the 5 maybe proxy would be a better alternative. How much are they in japan?
Emailed haven for sizing a while back and they run TTS or small iirc. Let me see if I find the email. Edit: couldnt find it but you can email them, they just got a restock.
Anyone looking for Slip ons these Silent are cheap/nice.
It doesn't work, I have long/a lot of hair so it just falls off lol
Kris Van Assche - Bordeaux (Hard to capture) Brand New with box/dust bags. Size 41 F/W 13-14 Pm me if you have any questions or picture requests.
Does anyone know where to buy a hat meant to be worn like this? Should need to be somewhat angled.
Agree with both of you, however I really like those AMI. Even though I realize they are 'ugly'.
Alright so if I fit on a 41 thin sole, 41 should be fine?
Do 'normal' soled cps fit a little bigger than the ones with 'thin' sole? I've only bought thin ones and looking into the black/camo sole with white uppers.
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