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I know lolBut if anyone here bought it and doesnt like it lmk!
I'd go with the CPs. I find them comfortable enough and flat foot bed allows for an insole if you need. Flat shoes are supposed to be better for your knees too. The uppers are stitched which would potentially make them last longer. I had some GATs and ended up selling. They have some arch support but they weren't that comfortable.An aftermarket insole would be a lot better, but the shape of the foot bed doesnt allow it.
Dem Drops !
Thanks guys!
Anyone know a style which style is very dark raw blue? I recently got the JB0406 and its light for my taste I use to love my N&F x Momotaro color. So I'd figured momotaro is the way to go.
Those are a straight ripoff of some varvatos. lol
ITT How to exploit yoox. lol
I have some premiatas as well and really like them (mostly the shape/style) they've help up quite well and very good deal from thecorner since they always go into deep discount!Lesser approved brands but definitely nice.
I feel your pain lol No facial hair but sideburns
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