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Silk, cotton and a little rayon .
One foot on my flyknits feels like it lacks inner foot suport. Has anyone else experience this? Ill be walking and feel like my foot will ' collapse' inwards. The other foot is great. ''
If your chest is 38 inch w/o shirt on 19.5inch would probably be tight if you button it down wearing more than just a tee. Then again it depends since its a little down of you actual chest. it that makes sense/
Does it still get hit if its below 200?
End has a good deal on Orlebar brown. Bought a pair for $130. Coupon SPRING14 http://www.endclothing.com/brands/orlebar-brown?___SID=U
Here we go again/
Open to offers. Final Drop.
Those remind me of supra with thicker sole.
Use paypal.
As far as coupon go thats the most you're going to get.
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