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Anyone know a style which style is very dark raw blue? I recently got the JB0406 and its light for my taste I use to love my N&F x Momotaro color. So I'd figured momotaro is the way to go.
Those are a straight ripoff of some varvatos. lol
ITT How to exploit yoox. lol
I have some premiatas as well and really like them (mostly the shape/style) they've help up quite well and very good deal from thecorner since they always go into deep discount!Lesser approved brands but definitely nice.
I feel your pain lol No facial hair but sideburns
The corner 'DOUBLEORQUITS' 5% off today 10% tomorrow 15% sunday Pretty useless though, it excludes most nice stuff...
Now that's dedication. @aux Amazing fit, and kinda wish wed get some snow every once in a while.
Anyone know if santoni online shop ever has any sales.
No. Its usually them moving a lot of items to another warehouse (usually the one in Italy).
Same here did see any drops
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