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Rick Adidas on sale at Oak NYC.
Dior homme isn't really carried online anymore(though so stores do). Something to do with exclusivity and all. No more sales at boutiques either
Shoebaloo is pretty cool.
Indirectly borrowed a car. I went to take a final and the anti theft system decided to activate during that time. It's been 40 min...I'm cooking in Texas heat.
Against my better judgement....I agree this.I however don't get why some people get offended by it when they use it frequently. Sometimes its not meant as an offense. I've had black people have call me nigga just after meeting me. Some are cool with me saying it back and some lose their shit(so i usually abstain from it). Not to mention the countless times its mentioned on 'rap/hiphop culture'. [[SPOILER]]
Shipping is $30 and carful with customs. That being said good sale mid season.
I think they would look great without the metallic side panel. Then again that the appeal for some people.
Anyone have a undercover blazer size 4? Or how sizing works? Im about 36-38 (more 38) and would like to know if it would fit. P-t-p best fitting blazer about 50-51cm.
Really wanted those jeans, sold out swiftly Nice fit !
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