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Some ebay-er trying to negociate price after winning the auction....
A lot of buyers don't know (more like dont care to look at shipping charges) and buy things and then ask you to take off customs fee. I've had like 4 buyers back out last month just because of that...some will go to paypal some just dgaf and not pay.
Those mmm look a lot better than What i would imagine.
40 should be good
Sneakerboy trading thread.
Lanvin/silent sole and upper + Kva 'croc' print...Quite original.
Anyone have any experience with fighting paypal claim agaisnt stolen items/empty box? Sold some boots to some guy in South Korea, and he claimed that the box looked torn and was empty. Which I think is bullshit as the tracking showed attempted delivery a day before, so someone must have been there to receive it. He could possibly claim empty box, but the weight of the box would make it obvious. He also treaten to call the fbi, paypal and leave negative feedback... fucking...
If you buy something that you like but unsure on fit/aesthethic and then flip It isnt that bad. Otherwise you aré that asshole stealing deals from everyone.....
If you want something from matches might as well buy it now. Also if buying multiple items you can split order and save customs, though its very little.
Anyone know sizing for balmain sneakers?
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