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I guess so (usual slim sizing not 38" chest on a 38) , Ill try to post measurement later.
Just got a blazer, sub 100. It's half-unlined and lightweight. Fits me almost perfectly(slim/cropped), quality overall is alright, great for jeans/chinos. Haven't tried suits/formal wear.
I actually think the skinny jeans look fine.
Would anyone be done to 'split' cost for some qasa? Matches is running a promo and they would come up ~$280, if I buy two pairs.
Design isn't good imo ......anyway if you are looking for simple sneakers look at lanvin, cp, etc.. They can be had for way less.
Yea he/it is very active on some threads and also great customer service.
Given that most are raw hem you can just cut them.
Agree on the malibus been looking for a pair for the longest time.
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