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So this is the asshole who stole those Ann d out of my cart.AnywayTres bien sale finally on. Most desirable items got cleared out in the pre sale.
Same as other designer sneakers
Not sure tbh, but may be worth the risk, can;t imagine they'd be very hard tor resale at that price.
Those run about 1.5 sizes to big. I'm a 10-10.5 Braddock and a 9 has plenty of room to spare. But yea as far as combat boots they're great...
Mrporter has great return/cs so if you like it I'd say take the risk.
Why not have it shipped?
Dark green for the bomber !
You can easily do it yourself I've done it w/o experience on a pair of sneakers and looked good. Get a piece of leather to practice and do it yourself .
SF destroying the competition.
Gucci sizes are UK.
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