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Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD the analysis involving "all we need is a 5inn to win games because of the stacked bullpen" is suspect. What I meant is that their 4th/5th starters don't need to go 8 innings for the Yankees to win a game. Its a good bet that at least one of the guys they have competing for a pitching job will end up doing pretty well. Their starting pitching isn't horrendous (although obviously not the best in the...
Yanks really won't drop that much from last year. Think about it: Lineup = improved slightly. Pretty much the exact same as last year,with a few key differences. First, Texiera is working with Kevin Long extensively, so he will be more productive than last year (based on Long's track record). Second, they signed Russel Martin/ have Jesus Montero, both of whom are better at catching and hitting than Posada is right now. Third, they move Posada to DH, which is far...
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. Same here. My brother hates both though... he can't stand "themed" episodes. I love how this show is still on the air, I watched the first episodes when they came out, but the style, humour, and acting all lead me to believe it'd be cancelled within a season. Thoroughly enjoyable, but it didn't have the stupid, banal humour of 2 1/2 Men and other big comedy shows. Pretty much all community episodes are...
I use 2 spaces, since thats what I was taught to do. I'm not sure if it's such a generational thing, though, considering I'm only 18.
Italy (10 days) Belgium (briefly, only about a day) Dominican Republic (twice, each time for 10 days) Haiti (twice, each time for a day) Canada (for 3 days)
Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 Even if you didn't enjoy the film this is perhaps the grossest overstatement ever. More accurately it is the most overrated movie of the last decade. The plot was clichéd/ played out, but wasn't completely terrible. In 2d, the movie is pretty terrible. In 3d the impressive visuals made it a very solid popcorn flick. It was somewhat fun to watch, but not a very strong movie itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I like how Miller Lite is somehow manly. that was my favorite part too. Man up... and choose a light beer.
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Naked & Famous is making both cashmere jeans (8% cashmere) and camel jeans (30% authentic camel hair), so I would say the dumbest trend of 2011 is infusing weird materials into denim. OP should get these to go along with his jorts and denim print sweatpants.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Mmmmm... get me some raw selvage jorts. Sure to be the hot new trend
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