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Also here's a quick summary of the inventory I saw. They had around 7-8 boxes of ties. Very few grenadines. I saw mostly striped and patterned ties. They also had a table of shirts but sizes were very limited in 15-16. Mostly larger sizes like 16 and 17. They had a full size run of ring navy overcoats and grey suits. The overcoats and suits were going for half off. I think the sample price was somewhere around $700 but I could be wrong. I thought that he suits had a rough...
Didn't see any solid grenadines. They did have a couple striped grenadines. Navy and green and navy and brown. I wad pretty disappointed by the sale. The prices weren't very low and the selection was ok.
Up for sale, is a pair of brand new with tags wings + horns cabin fleece charcoal melange sweat pants in a size M. Retails for $185.00. My price is $65.00 shipped within the USA. Fits true to size.
Someone should grab this Navy Donegal Herringbone Sportcoat jacket (48R): https://www.stanleykorshak.com/products/Navy-Donegal-Herringbone-Sportcoat/11836 I own the blazer and it's one of my favorite pieces from this season. The jacket is a steal at $558.
Up for sale, is an absolutely beautiful Ralph Lauren Black Label Charcoal 2 piece glen plaid suit in a size 40R. The color is extremely versatile (a staple for sure), and almost looks like a solid charcoal from a distance. The suit is brand new with tags and has never been altered or worn. The fabric is made out of 100% flannel wool and is super soft and buttery to the touch. Here are the specs for the suit jacket: 2 Button Anthony Model (Made in Italy) Fully canvassed...
Stanley Korshak has some nice eidos shirts at 60% off retail. They have a really nice blue flannel shirt in a size 15.5 for $110: https://www.stanleykorshak.com/products/Blue-Plaid-Dress-Shirt/11815
Received permission to post a review... Having purchased MTM shirts from Proper Cloth, Luxire, Spier & Mackay, and Ratio Clothing, I thought I'd post a quick review on a new MTM company that I was recently introduced to: Buttons 'n' Threads. For the record, I'm not associated with the company nor was I solicited by the company to post this review. I'm just a happy customer. BNT makes both custom suits and shirts, but I've only purchased shirts from them. In my...
Didn't really check for anything in a 46 so I'm not sure. Sorry. I'm sure marc etlin would be happy to look for you though. His contact info is somewhere in this thread.
They only had a size 48r left in the blue plaid sport coat and a size m in the polo. I think the other items from this season were 40 off.
Just came from the bloomindales on 59th. The have a really nice blue plaid linen sport coat (size 48) from last season that's on sale for $350. They also have a nice baby blue polo (longsleeve, size m) for $72. I took pictures and will try to upload then tonight if there's any interest.
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