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w+h lowered to $120.00.
Free shipping on schott peacoat and w+h hoodie for U.S. buyers. Today only!
Price of w+h hoodie lowered to $125.00
Thread has been updated with actual pics of all garments, and measurements. PM me if interested, or if you would like me to add more pics. Thanks.
Probably $80.00 not including shipping. Henley retailed for $102.00 at peasant, and is sold out everywhere.
**Note: All prices are firm and do not include shipping. Please PM for shipping costs. 1) First up is a brand new Medium w+h french terry slimfit hoodie in black. The hoodie is extremely well made with heavy/thick french terry, contrast white stitching in the interior of the hoodie, and silver lampo zips. This hoodie is from the spring 2007 season, and was purchased from nomad for $165 CAD. Brand new and unworn, I'm asking $115.00 USD. Measurements for...
Yeah, those are suppose to be raw. I bought the same pair months ago for the denimbar, and they were raw...
Recieved my wings & horns Solid 100% Merino Double-Sided Scarf in black/grey fom Kane yesterday, but I'm not sure if I'm really digging the raw edges. Pics of the scarf can be found here: Payed $70.00 CAD shipped for it, and I'm asking $50.00 + 6.00 Shipping USD. (U.S. Buyers only please.) Thanks.
Kane, Sent you a PM regarding invoice. Thanks.
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