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Not completely sure if I want to sell these, but I have a brand new pair of raw PRPS New Fit jeans in a size 31. These jeans retail for $285, however, I purchased them from thedenimbar's sale for $192.50 + $8.00 shipping. These jeans are seriously sick, and have a custom purple selvage line, multicolored donut hole buttons, blacktacked buttons, folded-back pockets, purple/black inner embroidered pocket, and chainstitching everywhere! These are the same jeans that polyrock...
price drop to $160.00!!!!
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Price drop to $165.00 shipped!
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Quote: Originally Posted by Slamdog those look nice. i wish i was small enough for em. You might be. What size do you usually wear?
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price drop to $170.00 shipped for U.S. buyers!
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