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price lowered to $170.00 shipped!!
Can anybody comment on ted baker shoes. Thinking of picking up a pair, but not sure if they are high quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy They have an awesome selections of belts. I just picked up one made for Alan a couple of weeks ago, and a Margiela 10 jacket today. There were about a dozen jackets I would have bought but for the money. Belts I am extremely picky about, and the fact that I found one that I really, really liked ( truth be told, I have been modifying my fits around it every day since I got it) tells me that most people would be blown...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Alan Bilzerian is having a great sale. A lot of Margiela at 50% off, including deadstock from before the acquisition by Staff SPA. Lots of DRKSHDW jackets. Man, they fit small. I am a 38 in most brands, a 50 in most Margiela stuff, and a L in DRKSHDW, and the Ls are typically small on me. Also, for the expensive clothing freaks, a fair bit of Carpe Diem (leather shirts) and LMatieri. Yamamoto out the wazoo. Shoes...
I'm looking for a pair of nice dress/casual shoes that i can pair down with a pair of nice raw jeans. I've looked in the shoes thread posted by BrianSD, but can't seem to find anything that I like. Ideally, I'd like to pick a pair of dark brown or black Paul Smith brogues, but I'm looking to spend under $200.00, somewhere between $100-$180.00. Any suggestions for a pair of reasonable priced sleek shoes, something like what braidkid wears in the waywt thread. thanks.
Not completely sure if I want to sell these, but I have a brand new pair of raw PRPS New Fit jeans in a size 31. These jeans retail for $285, however, I purchased them from thedenimbar's sale for $192.50 + $8.00 shipping. These jeans are seriously sick, and have a custom purple selvage line, multicolored donut hole buttons, blacktacked buttons, folded-back pockets, purple/black inner embroidered pocket, and chainstitching everywhere! These are the same jeans that polyrock...
price drop to $160.00!!!!
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Price drop to $165.00 shipped!
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