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I would get a size 3 in A.P.C., if a custom fit M fits you well. Most polos from A.P.C. run pretty slim/narrow, but they shrink a lot after a cold wash w/ no heat. My size 2 polo which fit me perfectly pre-wash shrank about 0.5-1 inch in the chest and about 1 inch in length after a cold wash and line dry.
Posted a couple more pics showing the thickness of the leather. This belt is seriously thick and tough, and will last a lifetime!
PM'ed you.
They're 100% cotton, and the denim is raw. No whiskering or lycra.
For sale, is a brand new pair of rag & bone rb15 indigo selvage jeans size 30x32. These jeans were only tried on for about 15 minutes, and all tags are stilled attached. These jeans retail for $253.00, I am asking $120.00 shipped for U.S. buyers. See below for pictures and measurements. Price: $120.00 shipped for U.S. buyers (firm price). International buyers add $15.00 for shipping. Measurements for size 30x32: Waist: 15.5 inches Rise: 10 inches Thigh: 11.25...
price drop to $155.00 shipped, U.S. only.
bump, somebuy but this. Brand new and $50.00 off retail price!!
bump, here's the belt on the selfedge website: http://www.selfedge.com/2007/06/flat...edge-short.php
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