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Free shipping still being offered, please PM if interested!!
free shipping for anyone that buys the belt today !!
Michael, I just received my 3/4 black henley in the mail, and I've got to say that it's one of nicest/softests garments I own. The fit of the henley is spot-on, and the construction is great. I have one question though. Are the new henleys cut a little shorter in length? Thanks, I'll post pics soon!
limited edition A.P.C. black dip-dyed t-shirt brown A.P.C. slimfit polo shirt generra henley in spruce rag & bone rb15 selvage Will post pics soon...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan123 im thinking of getting 33X32 Nudie Slim jim dry black, but I usually wear 32X32 Levi501. How much difference would i see? I would get your true size or size down one as these will stretch. I haven't worn levis in years, but the the silhouette of the slim jims will be much slimmer and fitted. Try looking through the WAYWT there are a couple of googd pics of slim jim blacks being worn around.
That black corduroy looks sick!! http://www.southwillard.com/designer...lack-corduroy/
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Which APC is closest in fit to Acne Mic - NS or NC? I love the fit of my Mics but I want to keep them as more of a "dress jean", meaning I want to keep them relatively dark for as long as possible. So I wanted to get something very similar but a little cheaper for a good everyday jean. I thought some APCs might fit the bill, but if there's something else you guys might think would work better please let me...
For sale is a brand new black Flathead belt size 36, that I purchased from selfedge. I just received this belt in the mail today, however, sadly it is slightly too big. For reference, I am a true 31 waist, and this belt will fit a person who normally wears size 32-34 jeans perfectly. This belt is truly amazing, and is made of super thick high quality cowhide leather and has a forged steel buckle. The belt costs $200.00 + 10.00 shipping from selfedge and I am asking...
Has anyone ever heard of a product called BSN No-xplode? It's suppose to get you pumped and increase your strength, endurance, and tranining intensity immediately; kinda like an extreme caffeine jolt. I've been reading some reviews about this product, and apparently some people have claimed that this product causes dizziness and can cause breathing/heart problems. Has anyone had experience with this product, and is it any good? Aparrently its been voted twice in a row...
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