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I have a pair of 32x32 rb15s that are oversized by an 1-1.25''. I'm thinking about picking up a smaller pair 30x32, but I'll need at least 0.5-1'' of stretching for those to be comfortable. Do you think the rag & bones have the potential to stretch this much or am I out of luck? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerx i like the first one, nice and simple. i'm looking forward to see how it fits on a real person I really like apolis, but just wish it was cut a little shorter. Still, they make really nice stuff though...
Hey sauce, I love the look of the pbjs, they seem to stack perfectly. Just out of curiosity, what is your true inseam length? My pbjs don't stack nearly as well as yours and only look good uncuffed with narrow shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Sure as hell hope so. I think they have in the past. Here's the list: 70% off mens: veronique branquinho, bless, a.p.c., rag and bone, band of outsiders, patrik ervell Yeah, you read correctly. Nothing much left. I called the first day when the sale started, and all band of outsiders were sold out, and most of thr r&b and a.p.c. stuff were only left in large sizes.
Jeans have already been sold!!
For anybody whose interested I have a pair of A.P.C. new standards in a size 30 that have been worn very few times and cold soaked once. These jeans are 2 months old, but are in perfect condition and have little to no fading. I am asking $74.00 shipped for the jeans to anyone in the U.S. Price: $74.00 (firm price, not taking offers) Measurements: Waist: 16.25 inches Rise: 10.5 inches Thigh: 11.75 inches Knee: 8.5 inches Hem: 7.5 inches Inseam: 34...
Can anyone comment on DRKSHDW? Saw one of their raw denim jackets that looked nice, but the sleeves were way long. thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slamdog can you hook up a link to that? excuse my lazy arse. it's already been posted ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by 1969 PM sent. Sold to 1969. The jeans will be sent out tomorrow!!
prps still available. Poly800rock posted a pair of prps raws on superfuture that have faded very nicely after some wear. Would definitely check out, if you're interested in these jeans. thanks.
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