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I emailed the company asking if they would be able to compare the leather quality and construction against carmina. Here's the message that I received:Uppers - same level materials.....in the case of calf its even the same tannery though suede they use the English suede while I use Zabri (Italian) suedeSoles - same weight and quality (Carmina will appear heavier but that's due to the welt, not the outsole) as far as I have seen.Construction - big difference since they are...
I have sloping shoulders and just specified this in my order comments: "Please include a slight sloping shoulder adjustment in my order."The shirt I received from Luxire fits great. You could also send them pictures to give them a better idea of the degree of your shoulder slope.
All ties are brand new and unworn. Prices include shipping within the continental USA. Feel free to PM me for an international shipping quote. All sales are final. Thanks for looking! [[SPOILER]] From left to right:1. BNWOT Purple Brioni satin paisley tie (3.25'' W). The fabric is super nice and luxurious and makes beautiful knots. Made in Italy. $65.00 shipped2. BNWOT Brioni pink tie (3.5'' W). The fabric is very soft and drapes beautifully. Made in Italy. ...
Here are some pics of my haul. I really shouldn't have bought any more ties, so you may see some of these on the B/S forum soon. [[SPOILER]]
I picked up 2 knit ties both solids (navy blue and brown). I didn't see any dotted knits. Sorry.
The inventory and prices were excellent today. I would highly recommend stopping by if you're in the area. I didnt see any vests but I think they had some navy overcoats left. Didn't check the sizes. They had plenty of nice ties and pocket squares this morning. Not sure how plentiful the stock is now though.
Also stopped by Carlson street clothiers and they have a size 50r single breasted cashmere cotton blend blazer in a size 50r at 60 off. The color is blue.
I'm at scoop nyc right now and they have an amazing navy wool hopscotch eidos sportcoat for 250 in a 48 and 56. Someone should jump on these. I took pics but can't post them on my cell. PM me if you're interested and I'll email them to you.
I tried on the navy overcoat. The quality is pretty good. The armholes are hand sewn and the coat is half-lined. The buttonholes are machine sewn but appear to be neatly done. The sleeves are basted so they can be easily lengthened or shortened. If you're Dad is short and stocky he might find the armholes to be too high and the coat length to be too long. I'm over 6 feet, and the coat length fell at my knees. Personally, I think Kent Wang's MTM overcoat is a better...
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