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Also stopped by Carlson street clothiers and they have a size 50r single breasted cashmere cotton blend blazer in a size 50r at 60 off. The color is blue.
I'm at scoop nyc right now and they have an amazing navy wool hopscotch eidos sportcoat for 250 in a 48 and 56. Someone should jump on these. I took pics but can't post them on my cell. PM me if you're interested and I'll email them to you.
I tried on the navy overcoat. The quality is pretty good. The armholes are hand sewn and the coat is half-lined. The buttonholes are machine sewn but appear to be neatly done. The sleeves are basted so they can be easily lengthened or shortened. If you're Dad is short and stocky he might find the armholes to be too high and the coat length to be too long. I'm over 6 feet, and the coat length fell at my knees. Personally, I think Kent Wang's MTM overcoat is a better...
Also here's a quick summary of the inventory I saw. They had around 7-8 boxes of ties. Very few grenadines. I saw mostly striped and patterned ties. They also had a table of shirts but sizes were very limited in 15-16. Mostly larger sizes like 16 and 17. They had a full size run of ring navy overcoats and grey suits. The overcoats and suits were going for half off. I think the sample price was somewhere around $700 but I could be wrong. I thought that he suits had a rough...
Didn't see any solid grenadines. They did have a couple striped grenadines. Navy and green and navy and brown. I wad pretty disappointed by the sale. The prices weren't very low and the selection was ok.
Up for sale, is a pair of brand new with tags wings + horns cabin fleece charcoal melange sweat pants in a size M. Retails for $185.00. My price is $65.00 shipped within the USA. Fits true to size.
Someone should grab this Navy Donegal Herringbone Sportcoat jacket (48R): https://www.stanleykorshak.com/products/Navy-Donegal-Herringbone-Sportcoat/11836 I own the blazer and it's one of my favorite pieces from this season. The jacket is a steal at $558.
Up for sale, is an absolutely beautiful Ralph Lauren Black Label Charcoal 2 piece glen plaid suit in a size 40R. The color is extremely versatile (a staple for sure), and almost looks like a solid charcoal from a distance. The suit is brand new with tags and has never been altered or worn. The fabric is made out of 100% flannel wool and is super soft and buttery to the touch. In my opinion, the suit would wear extremely well during the fall and winter seasons. Here...
Stanley Korshak has some nice eidos shirts at 60% off retail. They have a really nice blue flannel shirt in a size 15.5 for $110: https://www.stanleykorshak.com/products/Blue-Plaid-Dress-Shirt/11815
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