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Can you post pics of the soles? Thanks.
I really like the four seasons wool fabrics from the vbc four seasons book. I own a blue window pane suit that Aaron made for me. Everything from that book is a great value in my opinion. Most fabrics are either super 130s or 140s. If it's your first mtm suit, I would recommend sticking with something basic like a charcoal or navy twill fabric. I also really like the herringbone and nailhead fabrics if you want something that stands out a little more. You really can't go...
I haven't purchased any shirts from Sam but I've seen them in person. The construction is good but they're not cheap. I think his entry level shirts were around the 180 range.
It's a soft shoulder, so there's a little bit of shoulder padding. The length measurement was taken from the back of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. For reference, I'm over 6'1'' and the jacket fits me well in the length.
Correct. In my experience, eidos runs one size big. The suit fits like a slim 50r.
Up for sale. is am absolutely beautiful Eidos Napoli dark blue 3-piece sharkskin suit in a size 48R Tipo fit. The fabric is absolutely stunning and very soft and smooth to the touch. In my opinion, the suit will wear very well in the spring and summer seasons. i purchased the suit last spring, but never wore it since I have way too many suits in my rotation right now. Price is $700 --> $675 shipped within the continental USA for the suit. The suit retails for $1600. ...
Clothing related question... How well do the henleys retain their shape after a day's wear? For reference, the lightweight sorona tees that I previously purchased are very susceptible to stretch, but I've found that you're heavier weight sorona tees are more resistant to stretch and hold their shape well throughout the day. Not sure how the henley fabric behaves.
My 2 cents...I have received nothing but excellent customer service from Mauro, and I have never met Mauro in person nor am I friends with him. I really don't understand your previous posts....
Mauro, can you also comment on the opaqueness of the white henley. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being very sheer and 5 being completely opaque, how would you rate the opaqueness of the white henley? Thanks.
Hi Mauro, Can you post the measurement specs for the henleys? Sorry for asking if you've already posted it. Thanks.
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