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I've been using this over the door shoe hanger for years. It's nice to be able to see them all in one place. It also keeps me from exceeding 12 pairs of shoes. It's made of breathable canvas and holds them all in their shoe trees without any issue. I picked mine up at Kmart.
I recently bought a few items from tweedydon. Really great communication, prices and fast shipping. Was a pleasure doing business with him.
518aata is a great seller. Good communication and fast shipping.
PM sent on scarves.
PM sent on shirts.
I'm a new guy on sf. Would like to get these. Just sent a message to bbc to get his Hanover's too. Can you reply to me so we can arrange Paypal payment?
Nice kicks. I'd like to purchase but I'm new to sf. Can you contact me? I assume payment with Paypal?
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