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I have two 1/2 Washington sportcoats and the white double-breasted, peak lapel sportcoat that is currently on their site. I've also ordered and returned a London suit. I am 6'2", 195lbs, athletic with a muscular chest, normally size 42, with a 33 or 32 waist. Suit jacket yoke width of 19". Pants 32(or 33)/34. The size 42L Washington sportcoat was too tight in the armpits and shoulders, and a bit too long for my tastes (I feel they are longer than a normal Long). I...
Try The Washington fit is definitely slimmer, you may want to size up to a 38S if you buy. They are reasonably priced and constructed well for a lower-priced suit. Free return shipping if not cant beat that!
Fratelli Rossetti Blue Suede loafers size 11 Parke & Ronen Swim Trunk size 34 NWT
pics aren't loading
American Apparel from Ebay, the Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck are the best
I wear Express Producer pants to work with a button down shirt. I know most Express stuff is overpriced junk, but their pants seems to be built well. I beat the hell out of them and they still look good. They come in tall sizes too. They always have a sale and you can order online and return to your local store if you want. I usually get them for less than $50/pair
Yeah I was going for the whole Tom Ford look, etc. I specified 4.5" wide lapels at 3" from the shoulder seam to the peak bottom. 18" drop to the top button from the collar seam. Took it to the tailor today, he's gonna fix the shoulder, arm, and the back left blade where theres some gimping of the underlying fabric. Also getting the pants adjusted. The tailor agreed that I should have specified Erect (or "Upright" as MT calls it)for the posture specification instead of...
I'm not returning it to ModernTailor. I'll take it to my local tailor tomorrow and have him take a look. I want to add pick stitching and have him address some of the shoulder/arm wrinkling if possible, as well as work on the pants. I feel that although it may look too tight to some, if I were to loosen it a bit I'm worried it would have that sack suit feeling like every RTW suit I try on. I'm 6'2", muscular up top with a 33 waist (and I have an ass) so if I want the...
My identical twin brother took the measurements, we mostly took them from one of his Astor & Black jackets, with minor tweaks, since we are roughly the same size.
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